Colombia resumes peace talks with country’s largest active guerrilla group | Colombia

The Colombian government and the country’s largest remaining guerrilla group have announced they will resume peace talks next month for the first time since 2018. After a meeting in Caracas, representatives of the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army issued a statement saying a start date for the peace talks would be announced after … Read more

Angelina Jolie alleges in lawsuit that Brad Pitt physically abused her and their children – The Hollywood Reporter

Angelina Jolie has sued ex-husband Brad Pitt, describing in public court files for the first time abuse by him of her and their children that she says led to their divorce. In a legal dispute over a winery they once owned together, Jolie filed a counter-charge on Tuesday an altercation on a private plane in … Read more

Ivan Cleary, Penrith Panthers, coaching record, Phil Gould, premiership, grand final, Eels, Jack Gibson, Nathan Cleary

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary was in a reflective mood when he sipped his first celebratory beer in the winning sheds on Sunday night. An hour after earning his second title in as many years, Cleary admitted that he “I still base a lot of my coaching on what I learned from him”. ‘Him’ is … Read more

Morning Bid: Bear Trap? | Reuters

October 5 (Reuters) – A look at Jamie McGeever’s day ahead in Asian markets Real turning point or classic bear market rally? Global markets continue to rally as the dollar, bond yields and Fed interest rate expectations fall, confusing even the top optimists who had called for a positive start to the fourth quarter. Register … Read more

Increasing cases of variants BQ.1 and XBB could render COVID drugs virtually useless, study finds

As the colder weather sets in, public health experts are closely monitoring the COVID-19 variants that could spell doom and gloom this winter, much like omicron did last year. But these budding variants that are rapidly spreading abroad have an evil twist that omicron didn’t have: the ability to evade the drugs humans have developed … Read more

#a11yTO Gaming accessibility conference returns to Toronto this month

#a11yTO Gaming, a gaming conference focused entirely on accessibility, returns this month as an in-person event. #a11yTO Gaming will take place on October 15 at Microsoft’s Toronto office and will feature a variety of guest developers, an accessible arcade, live game demos and more. Canadian Steve Saylor, an accessibility-focused content creator and accessibility consultant, will … Read more

Serial killer in California appears to be ‘on a mission’ as police link seven shootings | California

A California serial killer appears to be “on a mission” dating back to last year, in which at least six men were shot dead and a woman injured – but authorities have not discovered what’s behind the violence. Ballistic tests and some video evidence linked the shootings in Stockton and Oakland, about 70 miles apart … Read more

Piers Morgan: King Charles should dump Harry and Meghan in the dustbin of royal irrelevance if they speak one more word off line

If there’s one thing more certain in modern life than death and taxes, it’s Meghan Markle and Prince Harry trying to steal the thunder from the royal family. I’ll bet within 48 hours of Buckingham Palace releasing a new official photo of King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla and the new Prince and Princess of … Read more

Does Tesla see a slowdown in demand? | Business and economic news

As late as July, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the electric car maker had no problem with customer demand, but simply had a problem making and shipping all the Model Ys and Model 3s consumers wanted to buy. That may no longer be true. Analysts see early signs of caution for the world’s most valuable … Read more