16-bit gamers rejoice! Analogue is making a final batch of its SNES and Genesis consoles

Although Analogue has been making retro console clones for 11 years, the portable Pocket has brought the company thousands of new fans who are now desperate for the older hardware, which is often hard to come by. But an announcement the company made over the weekend should have 16-bit game enthusiasts screaming at Analogue to just shut up and take their money.

Editor’s Note: This is a piece from the US team on our sister site Gizmodo. We’ll let you know if Analogue has anything to say about Australian pricing and availability as soon as we hear back. —David.

Analogue actually made three separate announcements yesterday in a blog post shared on its website. The first is that 95% of all Pocket pre-orders — the ones patiently waiting in Groups B and C — will start shipping this month and the rest of the year before 2022 ends, with a “small amount of the remaining orders” will go out in 2023 as soon as stocks allow.

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Although first announced in October 2019, the Analogue Pocket rollout was severely delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the supply chain ripple effects that came with it, but eventually the rollout began in late December 2021, for those who order theirs early. . Everyone else, including those who chose to wait for reviews to be published before ordering, have had a much longer delay before getting their hands on one, so this should be welcome news for those running out of patience.

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One of the most innovative features of the Analogue Pocket is the ability to play games from various retro handheld devices using their own game cartridges, thanks to a range of adapters. Yesterday, Analogue also announced that the Pocket Cartridge Adapter kit will be available for pre-order from October 21 through its website for $US99 ($137), with delivery expected in the third quarter of 2023. More waiting, but the set comes with three adapters, including one that supports TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine and SuperGrafx carts, one that supports Neo Geo Pocket Color and Neo Geo Pocket carts, and the latter that allows Atari Lynx carts to be used with the Pocket used.

Photo: Gizmodo

The most exciting announcement Analogue made yesterday is that the company will also be making a final production run on its Super Nt and Mega Sg consoles, which, like the Pocket, use an FPGA chip to enhance the Super Nt’s gameplay capabilities. Perfectly reproduce Nintendo and the Sega Genesis consoles, respectively. Pre-orders for the $199 ($AU316) Super Nt and Mega Sg will start on October 28, and shipping is expected in late 2023, but they’ll be going fast, so we highly recommend signing up for the stock notification in the Analogue online store so you will receive a notification as soon as the pre-orders open.

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