ACCEPT Drummer Explains Decision To Play Toronto Concert Without Vocalist MARK TORNILLO

TO ACCEPT drummer Christopher Williams explained the band’s decision to perform without a singer Mark screw last night (Sunday, October 16) at The Phoenix in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Prior to the concert, it was announced that the 68-year-old Screwwho participated TO ACCEPT in 2009 the gig would not be able to play because he had vocal problems and could have risked losing his voice if he had continued to perform.

TO ACCEPT played a one-hour set in Toronto, featuring Williamsbassist Martin Motnik and some of the other members who do the vocals.

Earlier today, Williams shared a statement below The metal voice‘s Facebook post about last night’s performance, which read: “Look: we could have canceled the show, then there would have been nothing. That’s it, good night, go home. Instead of that, we just wanted to do SOMETHING for the fans, especially since it’s been so long since the band has performed in Canada.

“I don’t sing the TO ACCEPT songs, I drum and sing backing vocals. During a show I don’t think about the lyrics of the full song, I perform. same with a troublemaker.

“We tried to do something for the people who were there. We could have saved and done nothing. The situation was a big disappointment, but we did what we could.

“I can say this 1000% on record: replace Marking is not an easy task. We still play in the original album key, tuned by default. We don’t drop the melody like many vocalists prefer, making it ‘easier’ to hit the notes. We don’t use backing tracks, it’s all live. It’s not like Marking can change a set of strings or sticks… We took a bad situation and did what we could.

Marking will be up again in no time, as he always does.”

Screw joined TO ACCEPT as a replacement for the band’s original vocalist, Udo Dirkscheider. He can be heard on TO ACCEPTthe last five studio albums, “Blood of the Nations” (2010),“Stalingrad” (2012),“Blind Fury” (2014),“The Rise of Chaos” (2017) and “Too Mean to Die” (2021).

TO ACCEPTNorth American tour, with support from narcotic wastelandbegan September 29 in Nashville, Tennessee and is expected to conclude October 29 in Columbus, Ohio.

In an interview in 2018 with Metal Shock Finland, Screw told about what it was like to join for the first time TO ACCEPT“It was scary. When we first announced what was going to happen, there really weren’t many people on board. Online there was a lot of naysayers, a lot of backbiting. It was very discouraging. We all sat down and said, “ Look, we have to make a great record or we’re going to die here. This is going to be a swan song. We have to make a great record.” And that’s what we did. We spent a lot of time writing ‘Blood of the Nations’ and a lot of time to record it, and I think it paid off in retrospect. If that album wasn’t what it was, we wouldn’t be here.”

Asked about fans who have yet to “accept” him Marking said: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m also a purist with certain things. I get it. But I think we’ve moved on. We’re almost a different band right now. We’re really a different band on this point We still pay tribute to the old ones TO ACCEPT by playing the old songs – I mean we have the two people who wrote the most songs, [so] we have to. That will always belong TO ACCEPT‘s history. You can’t change it. The only thing we can change is the future. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I get that. I wish them all the best, and I wish udo well, and his band, you know. No hard feelings on my part, that’s for sure.”

Asked about TO ACCEPThis general approach since he joined the group, Screw told “That Jamieson Show”: “In principle, [we went] back to what we did in the 80’s – what everyone used to do. The whole thing was, when I got to the band, Wolf [Hoffmann, guitar] didn’t want the band to rest on its laurels and just play the classics. He wanted a real bond. So we’ve been album tour, album tour – like it always was.”

Marking also spoke about his musical personal chemistry with Hoffmann, the only surviving member of TO ACCEPTclassic lineup.

“It’s actually grown quite a bit,” he said. “We have a great mutual respect for each other and for our talents. This album [‘Too Mean To Die’] was a total collaboration. This is the first TO ACCEPT album without Peter, so that was a big gap to fill. But everyone got up. U.S [new] bass player Martin Motnik contributed quite a bit to this album.”

“Accept Mark Tornillo not performing in Toronto, which appears to be due to vocal problems or illness” (more to…

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