After Xbox Game Pass July Games Announcement, Another Game Sneaks Out

Looks like Xbox is getting a fan of sliding bonus games into the Xbox game pass queue. Previously, we’ve seen generations like Generation Zero and a triple threat from Gorogoa, Olija, and The Pedestrian arrive on the service without any fanfare.

Watch a trailer of Garden Story here!

Now, in July 2022, we see Microsoft doing it again. This time the game arriving is for Xbox and PC players garden story, a very chill game set in a cozy village where you arrive as the newest guardian of the Grove, whose job is to rebuild the village and reveal the story of its hidden past. It’s about the service on July 12

The game draws on many genres – you’ll find little nods to farming sims, dungeon crawlers, and even hardcore action RPGs – but ultimately the title stands on its own as a pretty unique title. You’ll have to explore the Grove throughout its four seasons, with each time of year bringing its own challenges and benefits. You complete daily requests to defend, restore and improve the city, and as you progress you unlock memories that allow the main character, Concord the Grape, to harness the power of their predecessors.

Our friends at Rock, Paper, Shotgun outlined the nature of the game in a review from last year:

Take it easy, says Garden Story. Yes, danger is approaching, but fences need to be repaired, just like monsters need to be killed. Fighting to save the world is a lofty abstract. Instead, fight to save the ground and the sky, the frogs and the flowers, the wise cacti and the talking gherkins. Fight like a grape in a green bucket hat, armed with a parasol can.

For that reason alone I am quite intrigued. This game addition comes after we learned that Yakuza, PowerWash Simulator, and Last Call BBS will also be added to the service in July. We also clocked the arrival of House Flipper on Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming at the end of June.

It’s a good time to get a subscription, right?

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