Armie Hammer does not work in a hotel on the Kaaimans

Armie Hammer makes serious

Armie Hammer makes serious “do you have the credit card the room was booked under” face?
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In the wake of the horrific sexual abuse allegations against Armie Hammer, many of the world’s worst people wondered what would become of his film career. For heaven’s sake, what would the… great-grandson of an oil magnate do without a healthy franchise under his belt? And what would come of it? Death on the Nilethe adaptation of Hercule Poirot delayed by the pandemic and the numerous public relations nightmares caused by the cast† Unfortunately, it only grossed $130 million.

While some of the worst minds imaginable mused on these questions and more, Armie Hammer was… supposedly getting a job. After all, a family fortune is nothing compared to an honest working day. The only problem is that Armie didn’t get a job because a hard day’s work is nothing compared to a family fortune.

Per Varietyan ad for a hotel in Grand Cayman depicting a concierge very much like Mr. Hammer went viral this week Rumors & Mero producer Muna Mire shared a photo of the flyer on Twitter† “My boyfriend’s parents went on vacation to the Cayman Islands and Armie Hammer was their janitor,” Mire tweeted. The message has since been deleted. However, it did contain a funny back and forth with Mire’s mom, who insisted that Hammer work at the hotel

“I am your personal concierge and am here to help you make the most of your holiday,” the leaflet reads. “I’ll give you a free orientation about the island: where to swim [sic] with wild turtles, the best snorkeling and diving spots. Reasonable prices for bioluminescence and fishing trips. Regards, Armie.”

Well, not exactly. According to Variety, someone laughed a little. Hammer, who from childhood summered in the Cayman Islands, is a frequent guest of the hotel and plays golf with some of the staff. It turns from the flyer was the work of some of Hammer’s hilarious golf brothers. Variety writes:

Hammer—who grew up regularly visiting the Cayman Islands and lived there during the pandemic—is a guest at the hotel, but not an employee. He is friends with some of the hotel staff and plays golf with them, did the employee say? Variety on the phone and explained that some of the staff golfing with Hammer made the flyer and jokingly sent it to a few rooms in the resort to try and see what kind of attention it might get.

Apparently this very chill and fun joke has caused quite a stir in the hotel. The hotel employee who performed Variety‘s inquiries said they had never seen so many phone calls and “could only dream” of the publicity that comes with hiring an alleged cannibal as a janitor. The dream lives on.

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