Astra Nova Creates the MetaRPG Web3 Gaming Needs

Blockchain gaming is still in its infancy, yes, but the quality of games that integrate with web3 has been rudimentary so far. Understandably, synthesizing decentralized technology with the hyper-strenuous act of coding a video game is no mean feat. It’s no wonder that early movers in space are still coming to grips with producing great gaming experiences.

But for other projects, it may be lack of trying. Focused exclusively on their utility and tokenomics, some blockchain games are no longer a game at all. Click the buttons, get the tokens, trade the tokens, move on. Maybe they’re just DeFi in the attire of the game. Or ‘RPGs’ where the only real progress that can be made is by spending money on NFTs. That’s not a game, that’s an addiction.

Astra Nova does things differently. The MetaRPG will be or RPG: It will tell beautiful stories, allow players to fight mobs and each other in action-packed real-time battles, and offer a vast, immersive world in which players can get lost. It allows players to progress in the game and gain value through their actions. And the meta part? That will be the blockchain architecture, the fact that using the technology will allow players to own a portion of the game world that they contribute so much to, and earn real, transferable value that can be used across the metaverse and beyond. .

How digital ownership creates new gaming experiences

Digital ownership is what makes the next generation of MMORPGs so exciting. There are many horror stories about players losing access to their game account when it is provided by a centralized service. Tens of thousands of hours of love, work and craft evaporate with the click of a business button. Even if they let you back in, you never got any of it in the first place. In web2 you pay for access, in web3 you pay for ownership. Rent versus buy. Cost vs. assets.

Applying that to the innate sense of collecting and growing that comes with an MMORPG creates an intoxicating mix. Suddenly that Thunderous Sword of Azar is worth something real. As the stories about his deeds increase over the years, about the legendary events it was part of, the clutch raid boss finals, the tournament duels, so its value will increase. Same for every item in the game. It’s not just the power level, or what it gives you, it’s its history. Everything is recorded on the blockchain forever.

The Trinity of the MetaRPG: Story, Gameplay, Web3

Astra Nova knows this. What the blockchain gaming industry needs is really fantastic game allowing all the potential inherent in the blockchain to manifest. Astra Nova’s MetaRPG is set against the backdrop of a cosmic war, throwing players overboard on the life raft created by the ancient gods of the order, a last-ditch effort to prevent utter destruction from the all-consuming Accretion.

An open world MMO on the Blockchain

The Astra Nova world will be huge, populated by friendly NPCs, enemies lurking in dungeons and Deviants – Astra Nova’s first in-game NFT. The world of Astra Nova is rendered entirely in stunning 3D and is very similar to the traditional MMORPG you would expect to play on older game interfaces.

Real-time action battles in Web3

The battles take place in real time and emulate the great action RPGs such as Witcher, Zelda and more. As players roam the world, alone or in teams, they’ll quickly mess with passing enemies who can attack them at some point, perhaps under the spell of a nearby Deviant, lurking in the shadows. In general, the world will resemble the classic World of Warcraft MMO, with players wandering from place to place to find new quests and discover more about Astra Nova and the creatures that reside within it.

A story that changes with the players

Regular story updates from the team will actively influence the world. The story of Astra Nova is one of cosmic proportions, and as the battle between dark and light rages on, the five worlds revolving around Astra Nova will each be an amphitheater for the desires of gods and monsters. Players will explore the five worlds and play as one of the 15 races they inhabit. As the tribulations of the end times continue and the story progresses month by month through player-led events and tournaments, the five worlds will change, change, succeed and fail, rise and fall.

Astra Nova: A New Blockchain Gaming Star For Players To Call Home

Blockchain gaming should be a great game first and foremost. It should have a great story, interesting mechanics and gameplay loops, and be fun to play. Web3 integration with these gaming experiences offers the opportunity to broaden the horizons of experience even further. With the benefits of digital ownership and unauthorized access to a game world, games can truly take on a life of their own. Instead of the players being spoon fed by the creator, they come together to choose the path for their new world, their new star. Astra Nova has that vision and will be a final light in the dark that players from far and wide will choose to call home.

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