Austrian Audio PG16 wired gaming headset review

At the lower end of the Austrian audio headset range, the PG16 is marketed as a ‘professional gaming headset’. It comes in at $135 / £129 which is a decent amount of dosh that would translate that amount into some pretty special quality compared to the ones on our best gaming headsets (opens in new tab) list. And while it comes with some neat features like cross-platform compatibility and good portability – it even hits the right notes in terms of basic quality – there are a few things that make it hard to recommend for everyday use.

There’s a lot to be said for the clarity of the PG16’s sound. It can be a bit tinny on its own, but once you’re in the Spatial Soundcard L (opens in new tab) software, improves sound quality exponentially. The software is a bit on the lean side as there are only a few options to play with. These include a few surround sound settings (up to 7.1, which didn’t blow me away) and EQ presets optimized for different headsets, as well as a few that emphasize or mute highs or lows. Unfortunately, there is no EQ slider to play with.

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