China’s PBOC looks at ‘accelerated’ monetary tightening abroad

The People’s Bank of China said M2, a broad measure of readily available money supply, including cash and mutual funds, grew 11.4% year-on-year in June, the fastest pace since November 2016, according to Reuters. Str | Afp | Getty Images BEIJING – China’s central bank said on Wednesday it was closely monitoring monetary policy tightening … Read more

Children of mothers with PCOS are at increased risk of developing childhood diseases

Children of mothers with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have an increased risk of developing infections, allergies and other childhood illnesses by age 13, the largest study to examine this has found. The study, published today (Thurs) in Human Reproduction† one of the world’s leading reproductive medicine journals looked at 1,038,375 children born in Quebec, Canada, … Read more

Top 5 sites to visit

Do you want to de-stress or just enjoy the time by gaming? Then we recommend that you look for sites where you can download free PC games. There are many health benefits associated with gaming. It may help reduce stress and improve mental health, according to Regan Mandryk, a professor of computer science at the … Read more

Watching the 150th Open Championship in historic St Andrews is too romantic to make

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland — Time stirs up life’s deepest emotions. We look back with a nostalgic feeling. We look forward to feeling hopeful. Experiences in time overlapped until traveling along this spectrum becomes overwhelming because of how much life has been lived and how much is yet to come. Without time, our experience of the … Read more

Global Recession Risk Increases as Economic Outlook ‘Gets Significantly Darker’, Says IMF | Global economy

The outlook for the global economy has been “significantly obscured” in recent months, the IMF head warned, and the world faces an increasing risk of a recession over the next 12 months. The shock to commodity prices from the war in Ukraine had exacerbated the cost of living for hundreds of millions of people, Kristalina … Read more

the one to beat for smartphone gaming

As Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi – the world’s best-selling smartphones in 2021 – battle it out over who can deliver the best and most complete smartphone, there is another battle that is slowly gaining prominence. It’s the battle for the best mobile gaming experience. And right at the heart of this is Nubia. Through its … Read more