Best horror games based on creepy pastas

Creepy Pastas are scary stories that have been circulating on the internet for over a decade. But just as there are several subgenres of horror, there are a plethora of different categories for Creepypastas, including one that revolves around gaming. These stories have had a lot of influence on their readers, but popular byproducts of this movement are fan-made games based on the events of a particular Creepypasta.

These games try to expand on a particular story, such as: Slim: the arrival,or replicate the events of a particular spooky game so fans can experience the terror for themselves. The latter is certainly more common, leading to several fan-made recreations of certain Creepypastas, such as: Pokemon Creepy Black and The theater.

10 Polybius

Polybius is an urban legend that predates the internet itself, allegedly in 1981. The story of Polybius tells the story of a mysterious puzzle/shoot ’em-up arcade game that would have horrific side effects for its innocent players, such as severe nightmares and amnesia. Players would report strange phenomena while playinglike hearing a woman cry or seeing grotesque faces out of the corner of their eye.

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In 2017, Jeff Minter released his own version of Polybius. This newly released version is intended to be a psychedelic, fast-paced version of the original puzzle/shoot ’em-up game, but without amnesia, nightmares, crying women, and government conspiracy. That said, the horrors of the original arcade cabinet came not from the game itself, but from the mystery and phenomena surrounding it.

9 The Midnight Game

The Midnight Game is more of a list than a scary story. The original Creepypasta describes an ancient pagan ritual used as punishment for those who broke the laws of paganism. The ritual summons a malevolent figure, The Midnight Man, into the practitioner’s home, whom they must avoid getting caught until the ritual ends at 3:33 AM.

structural, The Midnight Game(developed by Unicorn Studios) plays very similar to Slim: the eight pages. Players take on the role of an unsuspecting protagonist who tries this ritual in their own home, only to be met by The Midnight Man who stalks them around every corner until 03:33am. Like Slim: the eight pages, the main character cannot fight back against The Midnight Man. If he catches or corners the player, it’s game over.

8 The uncle who works for Nintendo

All young video game enthusiasts have had a friend who has an “uncle who works at Nintendo.” This (usually made up) relative is often the works cited for insider knowledge on certain games, whether it be catching Yoshi in Pokemon Red & Blue or entering annoying button combinations to unlock secret levels in mario64.

ztul’s The uncle who works at Nintendo takes these innocuous lies for good and processes them into a brilliant and creepy text-based game in which horrific twists and absurdities can arise based on choices the protagonist may make during a sleepover with their friend who has an “uncle who lives at Nintendo works”. The game is relatively short, taking only about half an hour to complete, but it has multiple endings and a disturbing abstract art style that is sure to get under the player’s skin.

7 Easter Egg: Snow on the mountain of Silver

pokemon is often the focus of many gaming Creepypastas. The nostalgia the game has for millions of fans, the light-hearted tone, and the sweet creatures all make it a very easy game to put a sinister twist on. Easter Egg: Snow on the mountain of Silver plays heavily on players’ nostalgia, and how hacking into the game’s code can yield disturbing, horrific results.

The original story of Easter Egg: Snow on the mountain of Silverfollows two young adults who have been fans of pokemon since the days of Pokemon red and blue. After the main character’s brother reboots his copy of pokemon silver, he decides to use his GameShark to make his playthrough more interesting. Lo and behold, this idea leads him to see some gruesome Easter eggs hidden in the game’s code and leaves his sister to put together exactly what he saw on Mount Silver.

6 Sonic.exe

Sonic.exe is a classic when it comes to gaming Creepypastas. It follows the “scary game story” formula down to the last detail, with jumpscares, the devil’s number and gory, hyper-realistic facial features. Horror fans may recognize the clichés, but it doesn’t change Sonic.exes influence on gaming Creepypastas.

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The game itself is very linear, with a clear beginning and only one gruesome ending. Players will see a variety of Sonic the hedgehogcharacters on their infernal journey through the sinister levels, including Tails, Knuckles, and even Dr. Robotnik.

5 Luna game

My little pony becomes a much darker, more sinister series as players pick up the drblueling4s Luna game. This multi-level platformer is designed for one purpose only: to drive players crazy, mainly those who seek comfort in the cheerfulness of My little pony.

Players control Princess Luna throughout the Luna game. Leading her through many horrific scenarios, ominous lyrics from the other ponies, and at times directly contributing to her bloody in-game demise. There are even rumors that this title will leave disturbing images of the ponies in the game files and desktops of those who play it.

4 Slim: the eight pages

An undeniable classic when it comes to the Creepypasta phenomenon is Slender man. Many fans of these scary stories consider this tall, faceless creature to be the one boosting the popularity of online Creepypastas. Because of its infamy, games, movies and spin-off stories have been created to tell the story of Slender man.

One of the most popular is Slim: the eight pages. The game follows an unnamed protagonist as they collect eight pages in a dark forest using only their flashlight to comfort them; being unconsciously stalked by the predatory Slender man as he gets more excited with each page the player collects.

3 Pokemon lost silver

Pokemon lost silver is definitely one of the more famous Pokemon Creepypastas. The original story follows a student who buys a copy of Pokemon Silver for a bargain price at GameStop. When he starts up the game, he is greeted with ominous messages spelled out by the names of the creatures in his group, and worst of all, the realization that pokemon Don’t just pass out when defeated – they die.

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It’s a sinister game that tells the endlessly creepy story of a trainer who, despite collecting all the badges and “catching them all”, couldn’t avoid the inevitability of death.

2 The theater

The theater is structurally very similar to the haunting Quiet hills. The game puts players through a loop of the same blood-red, dimly lit cinema lobby, repeatedly collecting their ticket from the ominous “Ticket-Taker” and going through the theater doors to end up back in the lobby again.

Although, similar to silent hills, things start to change in the cinema lobby as the player continues to scroll through it. Sprites will disappear, the text on the screen will distort, but most disturbingly, players will eventually encounter a sinister version of the Ticket-Taker with a swirling pattern on its face (aptly called “The Swirly Head Man”).

1 Now Satan

Now Satan was a dark web urban legend that followed a seemingly innocent young man who downloaded a game from the dark web of the same name. Now Satan was subliminal and could be interpreted in many ways to say the least. The game played like a walking simulator that was combined with unnerving visuals that surfaced and encounters with deranged, unnamed in-game characters.

What made the game infamous wasn’t its first release, but the supposedly “raw” version of Now satan. The unedited version is rumored to contain gore and child pornography graphics, but that won’t stop those desperate for the most extreme spooky gaming experience from finding and downloading it. Now satan.

Now Satan is not for the faint of heart. The unedited version is very illegal due to its explicit content, so it is recommended that players stick to the edited, clean version if they want to delve into the subliminal darkness of Now Satan

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