Health ‘not set’ for long-COVID in children

A parliamentary inquiry into lung COVID has been told that the lack of a definition for the disease is affecting the treatment of young people. Associate Professor Philip Britton of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network told the committee that a coordinated system was needed that could escalate care needs if necessary. “The health system in … Read more

Emergency rooms dealing with a flurry of respiratory illnesses, flu and COVID

NEW YORK (WABC) — Emergency rooms are filling up quickly, and health officials are seeing adults with both flu and COVID along with young pediatric patients with RSV. The annual winter flu season usually doesn’t start until December or January, but this year started early and was complicated by the spread of other viruses and … Read more

The COVID-19 pandemic caused rapid brain aging in adolescents

In a recent Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science study, Stanford University researchers assess how stress and social disruption caused by the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic have affected young adult neurological development. Study: Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on adolescent mental health and brain maturation: implications for analyzing longitudinal data. Image credit: Shan_shan / … Read more

Hollywood is hooked on it and social media is fueling demand for the latest weight-loss “miracle.”

Over the summer I was lucky enough to be invited to a 60th birthday party where the after dinner entertainment was a private performance by one of the UK’s biggest male pop stars. More eye-catching than the actual show, though, was how incredible that star looked. He was only a shadow of his former self, … Read more

Why are so many people sick right now?

(NEXSTAR) — One week into the Thanksgiving holiday, and chances are you’re sniffling, coughing, or feeling a little scratch in your throat. You’re not alone – the country is battling a “triple epidemic” of viruses (not to mention a whole lot of the common cold). At the end of November, reported COVID-19 cases in the … Read more