Corsair TC200 Gaming Chair Review: Stylish chair for work or play

Corsair’s TC200 gaming chair (opens in new tab) has understated styling and a wrap-around fit, making it appealing to gamers and home-based warriors alike. The race-style seat is built to last, with a sturdy steel frame wrapped with high-density foam and breathable upholstery. But the built-in lumbar support is mediocre, so if you have a bad back, this might not be the best choice.

The TC200 costs $399.99 and is designed for adults up to 6 ft 5 in and 268 pounds. I am 1.80m and on the lowest position I can sit flat footed, which honestly doesn’t happen very often. To me, the high seat edges of the chair felt a bit narrow and restrictive, especially since I like to sit cross-legged.

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