Court News: Frazee Man Convicted of Taking Money for Charity Games While Working at Wolf Lake Liquor Store – Detroit Lakes Tribune

DETROIT LAKES – Duane John Kueber, 37, of rural Frazee has been convicted in Becker County District Court for theft.

According to court records, on April 12, 2021, Kueber — while an employee of Wolf Lake Liquor Store — stole electronic money from the Wolf Lake Lions Club after his shift.

Video footage in the store showed Kueber putting money in his pocket while counting the money from the electronic pull tab at the end of his shift.

The surveillance footage showed multiple instances where Kueber took money from the electronic money from the charity gamble.

He was fired from the liquor store and the letter of resignation stated that the reason was due to theft from the Wolf Lake Lions store and gambling tabs. When told he would be fired, Kueber stated, “I thought so.”

The deposit to be collected was $1,355.30. The deposit actually collected was $126. According to the indictment, there was a deficit of $1,229.30.

A Becker County jury found him guilty of theft on January 21, 2022, but was instead convicted of theft.

That’s because the jury ticked “no” on the verdict when asked, “Was the total value of the property over $1,000 in all acts?” It takes more than $1,000 to count the theft as a misdemeanor.

The jury had crossed out “no” and changed its answer to “yes” the same day, but “the state’s position on this matter is that since the verdict form showed a conviction of guilty on the charge of theft, but no responded to the question of the amount of felony theft, this file should be convicted as felony theft,” said a court document filed by the Becker County Attorney’s Office.

Accordingly, on May 9, Kueber was sentenced to 90 days in prison, with a one-year suspension. He was ordered to pay a $50 fine and $125 in court costs, and was given a year of unsupervised probation.

There will be a hearing on restitution on July 13.

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