EA’s Controversial Single Player Games Tweet Reportedly Causes Developer Drama

EA’s recent tweet about single-player games has reportedly caused some drama within the publisher’s walls. Last week, EA’s social media team posted a tweet saying, “They’re a 10, but they play single-player games,” which many saw as a knock on single-player games. If this had come from another publisher, it might not have been so “controversial,” but EA declared notorious skepticism and doubt about the future of single-player games in early 2010. The studio has also released some mediocre multiplayer games with poorly received monetization systems, blindfolding popular single-player developers and causing a lot of frustration among gamers in general.

That said, people have burned EA into oblivion. Even EA developers and executives agreed to voice their annoyance at the tweet and it turns out it may have caused problems internally. According to a new report from USA Today, the original tweet was allegedly written by an outside group that likely has little knowledge of the gaming industry and was unaware of EA’s previous comments about single-player games. Numerous EA employees took to Slack to discuss the post, and some social media executives planned to respond back to the tweet using EA studios’ Twitter accounts. Realizing that this would actually backfire and reinforce the negativity surrounding EA’s reputation, this was scrapped. EA is reportedly now hosting roundtables with employees and executives who saw the tweet as an insult to their work.

Of course Respawn is hard at work Star Wars Jedi: Survivor expected to be released in 2023 for current-gen consoles and PC. It’s one of the biggest single player hits EA has had in the past decade, as it has attempted to incorporate some sort of multiplayer into many of its other titles. Much of this “controversy” seems to boil down to a lack of communication and general misunderstanding, so hopefully it’s not a reflection of how EA really feels.

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