Eleven appeals to gamers with a themed line of beauty and skincare products

Dive briefing:

  • Elf Cosmetics is introducing a limited-run line of makeup and skincare products aimed at the gaming community, according to a press release.
  • The eight-piece Game Up collection is already available on Elf’s website and will be released on July 10 on Target and on July 18 at Shoppers Drug Mart, a Canadian retailer. Each of the items contains a hidden code that can be redeemed for rewards such as points and gift cards by joining Elf’s loyalty program, the Beauty Squad.
  • Eleven is promoting the drop with a live event at a Los Angeles arcade bar on July 13, where local gamers gather for a retro-themed competition. The meeting will be streamed live on Elf’s Twitch channel, @elfYOU, another ingredient in the brand’s efforts to cement a foothold in the rapidly diversifying gaming arena.

Dive insight:

Elf, which stands for Eyes, Lips, Face, is once again playing a game for gaming audiences with a limited collection of products leaning towards over-the-top appeal, with an emphasis on electric tones and “energetic” fragrances. Items in the Game Up line include eyeliner and eyeshadow; missing a setting; face and lip gloss masks; eye cream; nail polish; and a set of brushes and other tools for applying makeup. Each carries a name like “Bonus Points” and “Rez-Me” ​​which refer to in-game activities and a pixelated version of the Elf branding. The boxes also contain an ‘animal-friendly rabbit’ that leaves a trail to a carrot and a code that unlocks Beauty Squad’s loyalty rewards.

The media strategy that Game Up supports combines a personal experience with a live streaming component that could resonate with a group that has a clear preference for channels like Twitch and YouTube. The activation of the arcade bar, which brings together top Los Angeles gamers, could also be a way to attract more subscribers to Elf’s own Twitch page.

While gaming is a stationary activity that doesn’t naturally lend itself to getting dressed, streaming is a different story. Many creators draw huge audiences by detailing their makeup and skincare routines and some game influencers have become known for their personal style and participation in adjacent hobbies such as cosplay.

Eleven noticed early on that gaming was potentially underexposed in the beauty and cosmetics category. It began partnering with game makers in 2020 through a partnership with streamer Kathleen Belsten, or “Loserfruit”, and has evolved its strategy from there. At the time, the company said 70% of its social media followers played video games and 65% reported enjoying watching others stream game-related content.

Last May, Eleven launched its Twitch channel, claiming to be the first major beauty brand to do so. As part of the rollout, the marketer introduced a larger platform called “Elf You,” which aims to support female gamers in a largely male-dominated field. Around the same time, it also sponsored a content series on TikTok that called on gamers to show off their skills.

Elf’s Twitch page has just over 3,000 followers today, suggesting that fostering a native audience may be more challenging — or at least a slower process — than partnering with established creators. Loserfruit, for example, is estimated to be one of the most followed female gamers on Twitch with an audience of 2.8 million.

Eleven joins other companies in developing products that recognize the growing prevalence of gaming and its metaverse in consumer culture, particularly among Gen Z. Coca-Cola debuted a soda earlier this year that was meant to taste like pixels. in a nod to the gaming community and virtual worlds. Zero Sugar Byte was born out of a new Creations platform from the soft drink marketer looking to introduce limited edition experimental flavors on an advancing basis. The drink was marketed with a custom island in the popular multiplayer title Fortnite.

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