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Geelong superstar Tom Hawkins spoke to Channel Seven after the game…

Q: I’m not saying that was a set of rules because they were one of the teams you needed to get out of the way?
A: Absolutely. They played very good football. You would have seen that from your point of view, but they were really competitive, they got their game going, they got a fast flow of play, started to shift and move the ball around a bit more in the second quarter, which really challenged a bit. Look, it was a very nice result. We’ve come up in the last few weeks, we’ve got Gold Coast parties this coming weekend that are playing for their lives. They are really hard to win but very happy with how we performed.

Q: Tom, without Joel Selwood and Paddy Dangerfield on the floor tonight, is there anything you’ve done differently in terms of a leadership role, or who’s stepping up when those guys aren’t around?
A: Not really for me. I mean, especially in our front half last week, we were pretty bad at creating matches. So for me, and that’s the hallmark of my game, if I play well, I play the game in a match. And competing, so trying to control what I can control out there is almost, you know, the best way to lead for me personally. So yes, we missed some key players, but we certainly made up for their absence in areas and we were happy with the result.

Q: What was the message during halftime? What have you tightened up? Because after the second quarter where we thought the Saints were back in it, did you guys really stamp your foot?
A: We just started talking about what we do when we play well. And that is being fierce in a competition. We played the game too much in their half. We weren’t able to get submissions within our attacker 50 and pressure them so we wanted to be strong around the footy, keep the ball going, keep it in and hold the ball when we could, and not let it go on the outside where St Kilda is so good. So I thought we were a lot better, yeah. In the third we were a lot better.

Q: Just the culture of what you do as a group… you kick a target, but the people around you are all happy for you. Everyone is happy that everyone has achieved something, be it a shepherd or whatever. And it is full of smiles and fun.
A: Yes, I’m glad you picked that up, because that’s definitely how it felt there. We had numerous passages, especially in the front third of the ground where we talked about the energy, Isaac Smith anointed himself the sprinkler at some point in the third quarter. He kept popping up, but even went into the goal field. I’m glad you picked that up.

Q: It was obvious.
A: We provide energy especially in the front half, we have a lot of guys who are really dangerous when the ball is in their area and when it’s not they create space and move and make it very difficult for the defense . So yeah, it’s probably been a bit of a feature of our game for the past few years.

Q: Luke Dahlhaus comes in and gets a late call. He did a really good job. But it shows how tight the spots are, and players know that when they get a chance, they have to come in and play at the level the team has played at.
A: ‘Dal’ was great. He is a real energy supplier, fierce around the ball, wins it, makes sure it moves forward. He is a great person in our group. So it was really enjoyable, although a shame ‘Danger’ couldn’t play, but I love it when guys are… we joked in the locker rooms about 45 minutes before the game, about our match preparation, and there’s ‘Dal’ lacing the boots about 20 minutes later and he was playing. It was great for him to have an impact.

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