Great White Shark Video Shows Direct Approach To SUP Users

An incredible video was shot showing a great white shark in a “rare” display of curiosity that would have terrified a couple on stand-up paddleboards.

The encounter with the apex predator was captured off the coast of California by Scott Fairchild and shared on his Instagram account last week.

The video shows the great white swimmer in the shallows away from the pair before turning to face them and swimming directly towards them.

Despite sharks being filmed almost daily, Fairchild said the encounter was “rare.”

“Sometimes the white sharks are confidently curious,” said the drone videographer.

“Usually self-preservation always comes first. This is rarer, approaching intentionally, and if you notice, pausing when there is a perfect triangle of separation.

“Then choose to place oneself in the middle, between two people. As always, his spatial awareness is timely, as it perfectly distributes the difference.

Fairchild is on a bit of a mission to dispel the myth that sharks are the monsters many depict them.

He uses his platform to show how the sharks react to encounters with humans that are often too close for comfort.

A video he shared last month showed a stand-up paddleboarder watch as a large white man swam right up to him.

“This gentleman sees the great white but quickly regroups and remains calm, focusing on not falling and catching the wave,” Fairchild wrote.

‘And you know, don’t crash on top of the shark! Well done sir.”

On Sept. 22, he shared a collection of drone photos showing great white sharks peacefully sharing the ocean with humans.

“These great white sharks are not a mindless monster to be vilified as they often are in movies or on the news,” he wrote.

“These are highly skilled and intelligent animals that deserve our respect and protection.”

Fairchild told Oceanographic magazine this week that he grew up in the water where he developed an interest in sharks.

That led to numerous “positive shark encounters” in Hawaii and the Virgin Islands, he said.

“I quickly learned that they are not the monsters that the media likes to portray and started to love swimming among them.”

He told the publication that what started as a hobby has given him the opportunity to “change people’s minds” about how they view sharks.

“But without knowing it, I’ve come to realize that I’m changing my mind,” he said.

“The channel seems to be creating a love of sharks that was once a source of fear for many. I get tons of messages that my videos have changed people’s minds.”

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