Gwendoline Christie On Playing The Sandman’s Lucifer: ‘It’s Fun To Be Awful’ – Exclusive Image | TV series

As comic book readers will know, the sandman is full of big characters. Neil Gaiman’s game-changing, shape-shifting fantasy opus features a sprawling cast of gods and monsters – taking abstract concepts and giving them physical embodiments (prepare to meet Dream, Desire, Death and beyond), and blending them into a wider ensemble of mythological creatures, gods and pulp heroes. The cast for Netflix’s new series adaptation is pretty large, then – and when the casting for the show was revealed, a few actor and character were particularly high on its brilliance:Gwendoline Christie is Lucifer

After making a big stamp on Game of Thrones, the Lady Brienne actor changes from noble knight to play the ultimate fallen angel – and she couldn’t be more excited. “I was so excited that Allen (Heinberg, co-showrunner) asked me to play Lucifer because it’s a great role,” Christie said. Empire in the new Avatar: The way of the water matter. “There are very few castings that can replace that – maybe God, whatever that is! It’s also nice to be terrible.” For Heinberg (who showed alongside David S. Goyer and Gaiman himself), her casting was a good idea. “Lucifer is this Bowie-esque creature in the comic book and I was like, ‘Well, who’s a bigger fucking rock star than Gwendoline Christie?'” he says.

Christie was convinced that she could play a character that is more than just mortal, transcending the categorizations that terrestrial beings lock themselves into. “Neil clarified that Lucifer is a fallen angel and that an angel has no gender at all,” she explains. “And I can play androgynous. We know that from Game of Thronesbecause of the way I look. So I hope that helped portray the character.” Now get ready for a devilishly good performance.

Avatar: The way of the water

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