Herschel Walker insists debate badge is “legitimate.” Biden Approval Rises – Latest Interim News

Herschel Walker Doubles Down on the Denial He Paid for His Ex-Girlfriend’s Abortion

Herschel Walker, a Georgia Senate nominee, has maintained that a sheriff’s badge he showed on stage Friday is “legitimate” after being ridiculed for claiming to have official law enforcement powers.

Mr Walker made the claim in an NBC News interview in which he again denied paying for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. He told the interviewer that he saw no reason to contact his accuser, who is also the mother of his child.

Walker’s comments come the day after he skipped a debate with his opponents, freeing incumbent Democratic Raphael Warnock to ridicule an empty podium.

Meanwhile, Mr Walker’s Georgian Majorie Taylor Greene used a debate to condemn Democrats as the party of “child abuse” and claimed her husband “has evidence” of vote fraud in 2020.

And in a controversial CNN interview, right-wing Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake declined to say whether she will respect the legitimate results of the midterm elections.

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ICYMI: Walker denies paying for abortion

Herschel Walker, a Georgia Republican Senate nominee, admitted in an interview with NBC News that he had indeed sent a check to his ex-girlfriend, but denied that it was to pay for an abortion.

NBC News’ Kristen Welker showed an image of the $700 check he allegedly gave to an ex-girlfriend.

“This is still a lie because she is the mother of my child,” he said. “I have no idea what that could be for.”


Lee ‘accidentally’ puts a self-written puff pastry in the Utah newspaper

Utah Senator Mike Lee Is Roasted For Writing An Op-Ed In The Salt Lake Tribune in which he praises himself in the third person.

“Since taking office, Senator Mike Lee has built a reputation as a principled conservative. He believes elected officials are responsible for keeping the federal government within its constitutionally limited role,” writes Sen. Mike Lee.

The clumsy phrasing sparked social media chatter with ridicule. Mr Lee’s campaign has now said it was never intended to run the “standard bio” under Mr Lee’s name.

Bevan Hurley has the story.


Ron Johnson calls his opponent a ‘tool’ of Putin

Ron Johnson, a full-blooded Trumpist fighting to retain his Wisconsin Senate seat in November, has recently seen his polls recover somewhat as the Republican Party apparatus attacks its rival, Democratic Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes. But he does not take his foot off the pedal and continues in his attacks:


SNL rips Herschel Walker after debate

To gauge how far his various missteps permeate the national debate, this weekend Saturday Night Live featured a short skit poking at Herschel Walker’s bizarre police badge moment on Friday.

“Walker pulled out a prob badge and said, ‘I work with a lot of police officers,’ which is another sign that Herschel Walker has brain problems.”


Read the bizarre explanation of Herschel Walker’s sheriff’s badge

Herschel Walker has repeatedly claimed that he was given law enforcement powers by a local police force, but has never produced anything to show that he had more than “honorary” status, meaning he was not, in fact, a law enforcement officer.

After being ridiculed during Friday’s debate for producing a sheriff’s badge in support of the false claim, he has now doubled down in his new NBC interview. A transcript indicates that his last explanation makes little sense.


Analysis: Obama returns to the track

In today’s Inside Washington broadcast, Eric Garcia takes a look at Barack Obama’s return to the campaign trail — a rare return to the political struggle for a distant former president who kept much of his party at bay:

In 2008, his campaign decided that he would not appear before members of Congress, aware that many Americans decry the legislature for granted. Obama never forged much of a relationship with Democrats in Congress, leaving that to his vice president, a 36-year-old senator who liked to sit back and have fun.

He infuriated many Democrats during his tenure by turning away from the Democratic National Committee and setting up a separate campaign apparatus known as Organizing for Action, and in 2014 he got into a bitter argument with Senate leader Harry Reid when he refused to send money. to raise money for an outside Democratic group.

Read the full analysis below.


Walker on accusations that he paid for abortion: new interview

Herschel Walker has long denied the allegations, claiming he would have offered to pay an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion in more than a decade. In a new interview with NBC News, he reiterated that the accusation is “a lie”… but admitted that a check shown to him by the interviewer was indeed signed by him.

When asked why he had not contacted his accuser, the candidate replied, “Why should I?”


Biden approval rises with interim terms in less than four weeks

ICYMI: With less than four weeks to go until Americans vote on who will control both houses of Congress and most of the houses of the state’s governor and legislature, a new poll shows President Joe Biden’s approval score six points higher. than the low it reached in the summer.


Analysis: Greg Abbott’s passivity to arms reform after Uvalde is not surprising. Until you look at Parkland.

ICYMI: As a Republican governor of a historically red state who is both notoriously friends with the NRA and in the midst of an election cycle, Abbott’s inaction may come as no surprise. Except it’s been done before, Rachel Sharp writes.


Reporter corrects Dr Oz live on air as he makes false claims about Fetterman’s first wish for America

ICYMI: dr. Mehmet Oz was corrected live on air after making false claims that his opponent John Fetterman wanted to end life imprisonment as his first political priority.

The pro-Trump Republican nominee for the US Senate seat in Pennsylvania is trailing his Democratic rival for the open seat with less than a month left before Election Day.

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