Highland Park parade shooting suspect contemplates second shooting, police say

The American man accused of killing seven people during an Independence Day parade in Chicago confessed to police that he fled to the Madison, Wisconsin area, where he was considering shooting an event there, officials say. authorities.

The suspect returned to Illinois, where he was later arrested after deciding he was unwilling to commit a shooting in Wisconsin, Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Covelli said at a news conference after a hearing where the 21-year-old old man was refused tape.

The parade shooting left another American community—this time the affluent Highland Park, home to about 30,000 people near the shore of Lake Michigan—totter.

More than two dozen people were injured, some seriously, and hundreds of protesters, parents and children fled in panic.

Deputy Chief Covelli said it didn’t appear the suspect had planned another attack in Wisconsin, but fled there, saw another Independence Day celebration and “seriously considered” firing at it.

The attacker had dumped the rifle he was using in Illinois, but he was still carrying a rifle and about 60 bullets, Deputy Chief Constable Covelli said.

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