How to fix Epic Games Launcher AS-3 error in Windows 11 and 10

Players who install Windows games from the Epic Games Store will need the Epic Games Launcher to play them. However, some players are unable to use the Epic Games Launcher due to the AS-3 error. Those users will see a message “Login failed Error code: AS-3” in the Epic Games software just after they launch it.

The AS-3 error is a network (internet) related connectivity issue for the Epic Games Launcher software. To fix the AS-3 error, you need to do some connection issues. You may be able to fix the Epic Games Launcher AS-3 error with these potential solutions.

1. Check if Epic Games is not available

First, keep in mind that the AS-3 error could be due to a temporary problem with the Epic Games server that you can’t fix. Open this Epic Games status page to check. Click on the + buttons for the Epic Online Services and Epic Games Store categories to verify that they are fully operational. If that page reveals some operational issues, please wait for them to be resolved before launching the Epic Games Launcher.

2. Run the Internet Connection Troubleshooter

Windows includes an Internet Connection Troubleshooter that allows users to troubleshoot connection problems. That troubleshooter can come in handy in solving the AS-3 network connection error. Here’s how to use the Internet Connection Troubleshooter in Windows 11:

  1. Press . to open Settings Get started and select that pinned shortcut for that app.
  2. Select Resolving problems within the System tab navigation options.
  3. Click Other troubleshooters to access the list of Windows 11 troubleshooters.
  4. Select Internet Connections’ Run option from there.

  5. Then choose the Troubleshoot my Internet connection troubleshooting option.

The Settings app is a little different in Windows 10. To open the same troubleshooter in Windows 10, click Update and security in the Settings app. Then you can select: Resolving problems > Additional troubleshooter from that section of that app.

3. Disable Windows Defender Firewall

Firewalls are one of the most common causes of software connectivity issues. Windows Defender Firewall blocks connections for apps that are not allowed through it. To prevent Windows Defender Firewall from causing the Epic Games Launcher AS-3 error, temporarily disable WDF as follows:

  1. Open Windows Defender firewall (there are several ways you can open the WDF on Windows 11).
  2. Click on the Control Panel applet Enable or disable Windows Defender Firewall navigation link.

  3. Select the private and public Disable Windows Defender Firewall adjust settings within Settings.

  4. Click Okay to apply the firewall settings.
  5. Open the Epic Games Launcher after disabling the firewall.

We do not recommend leaving the firewall disabled if that resolves the AS-3 error. Instead, set up Windows Defender Firewall to let the Epic Games Launcher through it. Check out our guide to allowing apps through the Windows Firewall for more information.

4. Change your PC’s DNS settings

Your PC’s domain name system is set to an automatic ISP DNS server by default. Changing that DNS service to a more reliable alternative such as GoogleDNS may resolve the AS-3 error for some users. Here’s how to change your DNS to GoogleDNS in Windows 11 and 10:

  1. First press the Windows key + X and select To search.
  2. Type the keyword network connections in the general search text box.
  3. Click View Network Connections Search in Control Panel.
  4. Then right click on your internet connection to a . to select Properties option for it.

  5. Select the Internet protocol version 4 protocol option and click the Properties knob.

  6. Then select the radio button for the Use the following DNS server addresses: institution.
  7. To switch to GoogleDNS, enter in the first Preferred DNS box.
  8. Enter for the Alternative DNS box.

  9. Then click Okay in the IPv4 Properties window.
  10. Select Okay back on the Networking tab.

There are other good DNS servers you could try other than Google. Cloudflare, OpenNIC, and OpenDNS are all good alternatives to Google. Our best DNS server guide provides more details about those alternatives and others.

5. Flush the DNS cache and reset Winsock

This possible solution will clear your PC’s DNS cache and reset the Winsock catalog, which can resolve several connectivity issues. You can apply this resolution by entering some quick commands in the Windows 11 Command Prompt app as follows:

  1. Open the file and app search in Windows.
  2. Enter CMD inside the Type here to search in the search box to find the command prompt.
  3. Click Run as administrator for the matching command prompt app search result.
  4. Reset Winsock by entering this netsch command and pressing Yield:
    netsch winsock reset

  5. Type this flush DNS command and press Enter:
    ipconfig /flushdns

  6. Enter this restart Windows command and then press Enter:
    shutdown /r /t 0

Since some internet routers also contain DNS caches, restarting your router may also help resolve the AS-3 error. Try disconnecting the router and modem for about a minute or two. Then plug the router/modem back in and give it a few minutes to reboot.

6. Remove VPN Software

VPN (Virtual Private Network) clients are among the most likely software packages to conflict with the Epic Games Launcher and cause the AS-3 error. If you are using a VPN, remove the VPN client software from your PC.

You can uninstall most VPN clients through Programs and Features or Apps and Features as described in our guide on ways to uninstall software in Windows 11. Applying a network reset, as described in resolution eight, will also remove VPN software.

7. Disable Proxy Server

Epic recommends that users do not use the game client software with proxy servers enabled. A proxy server is something that can block network communication with the Epic Games server. This is how to disable proxy servers for Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections in Windows 11’s Settings app.

  1. Open Settings and click on those apps Network and Internet tab.
  2. Select the Proxy network option to view the settings for it.
  3. press the Use a proxy server options Established knob.

  4. As the Use a proxy server option is set to onclick that toggle switch to turn it off.

  5. Click Save in the Edit proxy server box.

To access the same option in Windows 10, click on the Settings app Network security category. You can select one Proxy tab from there. Turn off the … Use a proxy server option on that tab.

8. Reset your network

This Windows network reset resolution is one of the most confirmed fixes for the AS-3 error. However, keep in mind that you will probably need to reconnect your PC by entering a Wi-Fi password after resetting the network settings. Make sure you have the required information in advance to reconnect. You can apply a network reset in the following steps:

  1. Open the Windows system settings.
  2. Click Network & Internet in the left navigation bar of Settings.
  3. Select Advanced Network Settings to view those network options.
  4. Click Reset network to achieve that option.

  5. press the Reset network options Reset now knob.

  6. Click Yes to confirm the network reset.

The same option is available in the Network & Internet category in the Windows 10 Settings app. Click the Reset network link on the Status tab there. Then you can press a . to press Reset now network components button.

Enjoy epic gaming again

The AS-3 error probably won’t spoil your Epic gaming fun anymore once you’ve applied all those resolutions. We cannot guarantee that they will always fix the AS-3 error for all Epic Games Launcher users, but they are likely fixes to that problem.

If you need further assistance in resolving AS-3 errors or encounter other Epic Games Launcher errors, click Contact us on Epic’s help page to send a support request.

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