HSBC banker resigns, declares ‘cancellation culture destroys wealth and progress’

Mr Kirk’s initial comments on climate change – in which he also said there was “always some crazy person telling me about the end of the world” – surprised many in the financial sector because they were out of step with an industry that increasingly interested in polishing his green credentials.

In a slide accompanying his conference address earlier this year, he wrote that “baseless, shrill, partisan, selfish, apocalyptic warnings are ALWAYS wrong”.

Mr. Kirk said that since his suspension, “tens of thousands of people – from chief executives and congressmen to scientists and mom and pop investors – have contacted me over the past two months from all over the world, offering their support and solidarity.

“You have given me strength at a tumultuous time for me and my family,” he wrote.

In his LinkedIn post on Thursday, he said he has now gathered a “crack group of like-minded individuals to come up with what may be the greatest sustainable investment idea ever conceived”.

He claimed that the project, which he will launch later this year, “will underline the central argument in my speech”. In his LinkedIn bio, he added that he “really loves Miami”.

HSBC declined to comment.

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