India vs Northern Ireland LIVE score lawn bowls final, Commonwealth Games: India drag in gold medal match 5-13, four ends to go

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s LIVE coverage of the Men’s Four Lawn Bowls Finals from Day 9 of the Commonwealth Games.

And the action begins! Here are the live updates from the gold medal match:

  • After end 11 – India 5-13 Northern Ireland.
  • Dinesh Kumar does not pick the target with his last attempt and India is in danger of losing the end.

  • Northern Ireland’s penultimate bowl pushes India’s bowl closer to the mark, but it’s still just below the NIR bowl.

  • A quirky bowl from Chandan Kumar Singh from India. It’s up to Skip Dinesh Kumar to conjure some magic in the last two bowls.

  • With four bowls completed, Northern Ireland is better placed.

  • With only five matches to go, however, it needs grand rounds. Two points from an end may not be enough.

  • India manages to just about hold on there.

  • After the end of 10 – India 5-12 Northern Ireland.
  • Dinesh Kumar lands a flawless bowl and wins India by two points.

  • India is at least assured of a point

  • A great penultimate roll from India. They move their nearest bowl even closer. It could win this round.

  • Two more bowls – Advantage India

  • India has managed to move a bowl closer to the target. They would win a point as things stand.

  • Another good bowl from NIR. They now have two bowls placed closest to the Jack.

  • After the first two bowls of End 10, Northern Ireland has the advantage.

  • India just failed to get a grip on the game. The deficit is now nine points.

  • After the end of 9 – India 3-12 Northern Ireland
  • Remarkable bowling by the Irish. They increase their advantage to two bowls on their last try.

  • India is failing to curb the deficit. They will collect points again.

  • India needs a great bowl to get points here. A difficult question.

  • Northern Ireland has the advantage with two shots to go from late 9.

  • India needs more rounds to go in their favor. They still have seven points to make up for.

  • After end 8 – India 3-10 Northern Ireland
  • India manages to take a point from the next end.

  • Although less than half of the ends have been completed, India is way off target in the final.

  • Is the game slipping for India?

  • After end 7 – India 2-10 Northern Ireland
  • It takes three points from the end to extend the lead over India.

  • Northern Ireland makes a strong comeback after collecting points in two rounds.

  • India needs more such rounds if they want to turn the tide.

  • After end 6 – India 2-7 Northern Ireland.
  • They take one point from the sixth end and narrow the deficit to five points.

  • India knows how to turn the round in their favor.

  • Midway through the sixth end, Northern Ireland has the advantage.

  • Bad luck for Navneet! He hits the jack and brings it closer to the opponent’s bowl.

  • India will start the action from late 6.

  • After end 5 – India 1-7 Northern Ireland
  • However, the Skip Dinesh Kumar is fighting back to give India its first point of the day.

  • A solid shot from Northern Ireland to hit the target and bring it closer to the NIR bowl. What a role.

  • Northern Ireland in deep discussion before taking their last bowl of the end.

  • It’s neck and neck from End 5 with one more shot to go.

  • India in trouble? India wouldn’t want to give away too much of a lead to its opponents. It needs to step up its game now.
  • While the last two ends were close, India still hasn’t gotten a point on board.

  • After end 4 – India 0-7 Northern Ireland
  • Northern Ireland manages to steal one more point from the next end.

  • The game drags on into the fourth end.

  • After end 3 – India 0-6 Northern Ireland
  • Another point for Northern Ireland from the third end.

  • India needs to get on with it. It seems to be losing ground rapidly. Not what you need in a final.

  • After end 2 – India 0-5 Northern Ireland
  • It manages to take three points from the second end and lead the game by five points.

  • Relentless attack by the Northern Irish quartet.

  • A big lead early on could help Northern Ireland walk away with the game.

  • Action is taken from the second end. India will want to restore parity.

  • Not the start India would have wanted. However, there is still a long way to go in the competition.

  • After End 1 – India 0-2 Northern Ireland
  • India 0-0 Northern Ireland

The players have taken over the ice rink and the action will start soon.

Lineup for India vs Northern Ireland Final

India: Sunil Bahadur (main) Navneet Singh (second) Chandan Kumar Singh (third) Dinesh Kumar (skip)

Northern Ireland: Sam Barkley (main) Adam McKeown (second) Ian McClure (third) Martin McHugh (skip)

India had never won a medal in lawn bowls before the Birmingham Games in 2022. The Indian women’s team made history by beating 2018 silver medalist South Africa in the final. Here’s how the team wrote a gold chapter for India at Birmingham’s Victoria Park:

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The Indian team defeated England, the bronze medalist of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, in the semi-finals on Friday to advance to the final. Watch India’s way to the final.

After the women’s team makes history by winning a gold medal in 2022 Commonwealth Games – India’s first medal in the sport, the Indian men’s team will make a bid for a gold medal.

The Indian team, represented by Dinesh Kumar, Navneet Singh, Chandan Kumar Singh and Sunil Bahadur, will face Northern Ireland in the final.

For those who may not be familiar with the rules and scoring system in the sport, here are the rules of the sport.

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