James Corden Temporarily Banned From New York’s Balthazar Restaurant


Balthazar, a legendary hangout for New York celebrities and power players, banned comedian James Corden shortly after he repeatedly verbally abused employees, the restaurant’s owner said, calling him a “little Cretin of a man” and “the most abusive.” customer” in Balthazar’s history.

Keith McNally, the owner of Balthazar and other popular restaurants in New York City, said in an Instagram post Monday that he doesn’t often “86” a customer — meaning ban or deny someone a service — but Corden deserved it. after two incidents when he assaulted workers at the French restaurant.

In June, McNally said, Corden demanded a round of drinks come “this second” and that his previous drinks be compensated for finding a hair in his food — after finishing his main course. Corden was “extremely mean” to the manager, McNally said.

On another occasion this month, Corden came to the restaurant with his wife for brunch and complained to their server that there was “a little bit of protein” in her egg yolk omelet, McNally said. The dish was remade, but sent out the wrong way – homemade chips instead of a salad – which was apparently the last straw for Corden.

‘You can’t do your job! You can’t do your job!” Corden told the server, according to McNally, citing a manager’s report of the incident. “Maybe I should go to the kitchen and cook the omelette myself!” When Corden burst into the server, complimentary glasses of champagne were brought “to smooth things out.” The episode left the server “very shocked”.

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A representative for Corden did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A Balthazar manager declined to comment when reached by phone late Monday evening.

McNally’s ban on Corden wasn’t the first time he took to Instagram to ban a customer from one of his restaurants. Last year, he publicly banned magazine editor Graydon Carter from Morandi, an Italian restaurant in New York City, after saying Carter failed to show up for a 12-person reservation. (McNally said at the time that he had brought in additional workers to make sure lunch was “perfect for him” and that Carter had waived reservations on other occasions at his restaurants, including Balthazar.)

McNally has a reputation for being provocative, at least in his Instagram posts and defense of controversial celebrities; he has defended Woody Allen, whose daughter Dylan accused him of sexual abuse. Amid the criticism for that, and an incident where he told a woman on Instagram that she looked like a “whore,” McNally told the Daily Beast that despite being a Democrat, “I hate canceling culture and political correctness.’

But late Monday night, McNally said he was lifting the ban on Corden after the comedian called to apologize. McNally said he “apologised profusely”.

“I strongly believe in second chances,” McNally said. He added that “anyone generous enough to apologize” to him and his staff “doesn’t deserve to be banned from anywhere.”

Corden, who gained widespread fame for his “Carpool Karaoke” segments, will be leaving his role as host of “The Late Late Show” by the summer of 2023, he announced in April.

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