Jill Biden lashes out at White House staff for failing to stop Joe’s press

First lady Jill Biden filled in on White House staffers after they failed to abort President Biden’s second solo press conference in January — when her husband continued to answer questions even as then-press secretary Jen Psaki gave the president a call. sign to complete it, according to a report.

President Biden was grievous at the Jan. 19 news conference about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, tensions between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine, and the supply chain crisis that caused shortages of goods across the country.

After the presser, which lasted about two hours, Jill Biden stopped by a meeting of top White House officials to re-discuss the president’s achievements, the New York Times reported.​

“She emphatically asked the group, including the president, why no one intervened to stop it, according to a person who was in the room,” the outlet said. “Where was the person, she asked, who would end the press conference?”

The Times report, describing how the first lady became a favored surrogate for the president ahead of the midterm elections, noted that she protected her husband and even participated in the hiring of White House staffers and press officers. including vetting Psaki alongside the president.

At the January press, the president had spent about an hour answering questions from a pre-arranged list of reporters when Psaki – dressed in a striking pink blazer – stood up in an apparent attempt to end the proceedings.

But the president kept pushing, prompting Psaki to get up again about 20 minutes later and walk to a door about 15 meters away from the seating area in another attempt to end the interrogation.

A short time later, the president asked his audience — which was limited to 30 reporters because of the pandemic, but not asked to observe social distancing guidelines — how long they wanted him to continue.

After checking his watch, Biden said he would go another 20 minutes, although in reality he would go on for about half an hour.

The press conference became infamous because Biden suggested Russia would only get a muted response from the US for a “minor incursion” into Ukraine and predicted that Vladimir Putin could “be victorious over time” over Kiev.

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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