Joe Gorga appears to be shadowing sister Teresa Giudice for her wedding

Joe Gorga skips sister Teresa Giudice’s wedding and appears to have taken to social media to express his frustration over their family problems.

“BLOOD DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAMILY” the 42-year-old reality star posted a photo of herself with family and friends, including his wife and Melissa Gorga, star of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, who will also skip her co-star’s wedding .

Melissa also posted messages about loved ones following the news that the couple had dropped the ceremony, sharing video of her brood along with the caption, “God blessed me with a wonderful family.”

While Joe’s statement could have been his way of saying that his friends are more like family in his eyes, sources tell Page Six that The Gorgas’ beef with Giudice, 50, stems from “a very tense ‘Housewives’ finale that previously happened.” was filmed this week.”

A second insider later confirmed that the breakout of the finale happened because the bride-to-be had allegedly spread a rumor that “would cause drama” within Melissa and Joe’s marriage.

The source added that Joe and Giudice’s fiancée, Luis Ruelas, 46, did not get along and that the last fight was the last straw.

(L-R) Kristin Cavallari, Joe Gorga, Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga.
Gorga (bottom center) and Luis Ruelas (top center) are reportedly at odds.
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Representatives for Joe and Melissa Gorga did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

Fans may have picked up on the tension in the family when it was announced in March that Melissa, 43, would not be one of Giudice’s bridesmaids.

While the boutique’s owner claimed she was okay with her sister-in-law’s decision, husband Joe took issue with his sister’s omitting his wife from the bridal party, calling it disrespectful.

Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga.
Joe feels his wife, Melissa, should have been involved in sister Teresa’s wedding.
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“It doesn’t matter if she liked my wife or not, she basically punches me in the face, and she doesn’t respect me, and she makes it hard for me,” Joe said on a May episode of the “Melissa Gorga to see” podcast.

“It’s not just about my wife — it’s basically ‘I don’t care about my brother’.”

Giudice and Ruelas are getting married in New Jersey on Saturday afternoon.

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