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Keanu Reeves has been described as “a class act” after answering a series of questions from a young fan at an airport following an international flight.

The exchange was documented by TV producer Andrew Kimmel who praised the actor and said, “Little moments like these can make such a difference in people’s lives”.

After a flight from London to New York, the boy asked Reeves for his autograph and a “series of rapid-fire questions”.

According to Mr Kimmel, the star of The Matrix and John Wick, “everyone has responded with pleasure”.

In the exchange, which went viral on Twitter, the 57-year-old actor told the boy he was in London filming a documentary.

He also spoke about attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone over the weekend.

Reeves told the boy he was in New York for five days to see a Broadway show.

Mr. Kimmel shared a short transcript of their exchange:

Kid: Why were you in London?

“KR: Filming a documentary.

Kid: I saw online you were at the Grand Prix (pronounce the x)

“KR: Yes, the Grand Prix (in a French accent, without correcting it). F1! Race cars!

Child: Do you drive?

“KR: Not F1, but I like motorcycling.

Child: Do you live in New York?

KR: I live in LA.

Kid: How long are you staying in New York?

“KR: Four days! No… five. Five days!

“Child: Why are you in New York?

“KR: I’m going to see a Broadway show!

Kid: Which Broadway show?

“KR: American buffalo! Mamet!

Kid: Where are you staying in New York?

“KR: Downtown!”

Mr Kimmel wrote: “By this time the boy was running out of questions so Keanu started grilling him. Why were you in Europe? What galleries did you go to in Paris? What was your favourite?”

He added: “The man couldn’t have been nicer, especially after an international flight.

“I thought I’d share this because the dude is a class act and little moments like this can make such a big difference in people’s lives. We need more Keanus!”

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Reeves was previously called the “nicest guy in Hollywood” because of the way he responds to fans.

He was at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone as he prepares for a role in an F1 documentary.

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