Kevin Spacey Denies Sexual Misconduct Claims During Testimony

Kevin Spacey testified in a New York courtroom on Monday that he never made a sexual advance on actor Anthony Rapp, who has sued, alleging the Academy Award-winning actor tried to put him to bed when he was 14 years old. .

The actor identified himself as “Kevin Spacey Fowler” and was asked about Rapp’s claims that he was watching television on a bed in Spacey’s apartment after a party when a then 26, fully clothed Spacey entered the room, lifting him up like a groom a bride, laid him across the bed and partially climbed on top of him.

Rapp said he broke away and went to a bathroom for a while before fleeing the apartment, but not before Spacey followed him to the door and asked if he was sure he wanted to leave.

“They are not true,” Spacey said of the allegations.

He was then asked if he had been private about his personal life during his career.

“I work in a very complicated family dynamic,” he said, saying the rants of his white supremacist and neo-Nazi father led him to hate bigotry and intolerance.

Actor Anthony Rapp, left, arrives at court for Spacey’s civil lawsuit on Oct. 6 in New York. Spacey is in court to defend himself in a lawsuit filed by Rapp, the actor who was the first in a series of people to publicly accuse the House of Cards star of sexual misconduct. (Yuki Iwamura/The Associated Press)

When Spacey became interested in theater, he said, he endured the screams of his father, who “used to yell at me at the idea that I might be gay.”

Spacey gets partial discharge by judge

Spacey’s testimony began two hours after Judge Lewis A. Kaplan dismissed a claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress after Rapp’s lawyers finished presenting evidence. Kaplan said elements of the claim duplicate Rapp’s claim that he was the victim of assault and violence.

Spacey’s lawyer argued for the case to be dismissed because Rapp’s lawyers had failed to prove his claims.

Spacey was an Oscar-winning actor who was popular in the Netflix series House of cards when claims from Rapp and others derailed his career in 2017.

Rapp performed in Precious Sons on Broadway in 1986 when he met Spacey, then 26.

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