Latest on Filip Forsberg

Filip Forsberg is one of the best potential free agents available in a highly saturated market of star strikers this off-season. He may not be on the open market after all, as general manager of Nashville Predators David Pol confirmed today that the two sides are moving closer to a deal, calling it the team’s “number one goal” to sign him.

Poile also informed reporters that Forsberg wants a no-motion ban in his contract. That’s probably a major sticking point of the deal, as Poile is notoriously stingy with handing out any kind of trade defense. Only one Nashville player, captain Roman Josihas a movement ban.

When Forsberg is off the market, all focus will be on Johnny Gaudreau for teams looking to add an All-Star-caliber winger to their lineup. While Calgary is pushing hard to reach an extension with the winger before July 13, it doesn’t appear to be nearly as close as Forsberg’s deal.

Forsberg is the all-time leader in Nashville with 202 goals. Multiple reports in recent weeks have suggested the deal will likely fall in the $8MM range, a reasonable value for the 30-goal three-time goalscorer who is now constantly hovering a point per game. After signing and acquiring it Ryan McDonagh out of Tampa Bay, the team would still have about $10 million in cap space to work with and no other major contracts to re-sign, making them a dark horse candidate to be active in free agency if Poile wants to. .

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