Latest updates Boris Johnson: Johnson appoints 12 ministers after one week of stepping down

The UK Attorney General has joined a chorus of ministers asking Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign as she lays out her own pitch for Conservative party leadership.

“The facts are undeniable,” Suella Braverman told BBC Radio 4’s Today on Thursday. †[Johnson] cannot command the confidence of enough people to serve in his government.

“It’s so sad for us today – it’s incredibly sad for us to come to the conclusion that unfortunately he has to resign,” she said.

Braverman will remain in her position as attorney general, but sketched a pitch for conservative party leadership.

“I put myself in the foreground. † † Because I believe that the 2019 manifesto is fit for purpose, presents a bold and inspiring vision of our country, I want to deliver on the promises in that manifesto,” she said.

“I want to anchor the chances of Brexit and clear the outstanding issues related to the Northern Ireland protocol,” she added. “I want to solve the problem of illegal boats crossing the Channel, stop a court in Strasbourg from interfering in our domestic policies, cut taxes, cut state and government spending.”

Braverman also said she would “firmly adopt some of this cancellation culture and create nonsense, as I like to call it, that permeates our schools, our universities, our society”.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace tweeted on Thursday: “Some of us have a duty to keep this country safe, no matter who is Prime Minister.

“The party has a mechanism to change leaders and that is the mechanism I advise colleagues to use,” he said.

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