Levi Ablett rushed to hospital, Gary and Jordan Ablett, health update, Instagram

Gary and Jordan Ablett have reunited with son Levi after he was rushed to hospital shortly after the family returned from vacation.

The Abletts had returned from a getaway on the Gold Coast when respiratory problems kicked in and the couple rushed three-year-old Levi straight to the hospital.

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Jordan provided an update on “little champ” Levi’s health on Thursday, noting that he was doing better than the day before.

“Not the return we expected,” she wrote.

“The little man was taken to hospital yesterday morning after nearly 3 weeks of struggling to fight something. Turns out his tiny body has been afflicted with TWO respiratory illnesses at once. He rests and is cared for by great doctors. He slept well (but not a poor father) and he is doing better. Our little champion!”

Jordan has repeatedly spoken of the joy Levi has brought to the couple’s lives, despite the adorable three-year-old being diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease.

The little boy has a short life expectancy and will probably never talk.

“It’s very difficult from a practical point of view, but also very difficult to just be his mother and not be able to hear his voice or know what he needs,” she previously told the Herald Sun.

“If he gets angry, I have to guess what the problem is.

“It’s also difficult because I would like to hear his thoughts, have a conversation with my boy and for us to know that he understands how much we love him.”

As if that wasn’t enough to overwhelm any parent, Jordan revealed this week that she still regrets not getting her son medically examined before she knew something was wrong in March 2020.

“These photos were taken in March 2020. Levi was a few months after his first birthday and while on set it became immediately apparent that something was not right,” she captioned a photo collage from a studio shoot.

“I remember the photographer asked me if Levi could stand/sit and I said no and as we continued taking pictures I thought ‘this isn’t right’. When I tried to get him into a standing position he didn’t put any weight on his legs at all, he was super floppy in all positions, had really bad head control and kept his hands clenched for most (if not all the time) .”

Her post was motivated to be a message to other parents not to procrastinate based on suspicions they have about their children’s health.

“I still cherish all my pictures with my boy, but I have to say there’s a touch of sadness when I look at them because I don’t understand how things have gone under the radar for so long,” Jordan wrote.

“Because I didn’t have a child before Levi, I couldn’t compare and I didn’t know what is typical for a baby and what is not. If you have the slightest doubt about your child’s development, be it a thought or an unwavering gut feeling like we did, I encourage you to raise your concerns with a professional and persevere if your concerns continue to exist.

“If there’s a problem, you’re the parent who knew and put the baby first because you love them and want them to be okay. If there’s no problem, then you’re the parent who was insecure and put the baby first because you love them and want them to be okay. Asking questions and seeking professional support doesn’t hurt. I felt like I had to share this!”

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