MAFS star Domenica Calarco, 28, called out to flirt with 18-year-old Robert Irwin

MAFS star Domenica Calarco, 28, has overcome heat for flirting online with 18-year-old Robert Irwin, with fans calling her move “creepy”.

MAFS bride Domenica Calarco has earned the ire of Robert Irwin fans after shamelessly flirting with 18-year-old crocodile hunter son on Instagram.

Irwin looked very grown up in a cover shoot for Zodiac sign magazine published over the weekend, causing the internet to go wild.

But Dom, 28, seemed to have noticed the conservationist’s glow early on.

The reality star couldn’t resist telling the teen that he looked “handsome” in a video he posted to TikTok last month, the Daily mail reports.

“God, you are so handsome!” Sit with us podcast host Dom responded under a video the teen posted last month.

But while some followers caught her eye, the flirty comment quickly got her into hot water.

“Ask him out!” a suggestion in the answers, which prompted Dom to add, “Robert, would you like to come to the Logies with me?”

Others were unimpressed by Dom attacking the teen, given the significant age difference between them.

‘You’re literally 28? This is damn scary? I was a fan of yours,” one wrote while another agreed: “That’s damn creepy”.

Another called it “rude, predatory behavior” and told her, “Be a better person and do better.”

“In Australia the legal age is 16. He is 18. He is allowed to drink alcohol. I can ask him to come to the Lodge with me and say he’s handsome. Everyone take a chill pill,’ Dom retorted.

The backlash comes after Dom’s MAFS “husband” Jack Millar launched his new relationship with a fellow reality star on Instagram.

Jack and Love Island star Courtney Stubbs posted beloved selfies during a weekend trip to Perisher in the Snowy Mountains, with Dom – who has remained close friends with her ex – commenting: “This is such an atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, Robert Irwin’s new-found internet friendship has made fans speculate that he is actually dating boyfriend and actor Emmy Perry.

Emmy, who is also an heiress to a video game fortune worth about $380 million, recently posted videos of Robert on a boat while on vacation.

Bad luck, Dom.

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