Netflix Is Making Another Live-Action Death Note With The Duffer Brothers

The Duffer Brothers have started a new production company called Upside Down Pictures that will help make more film and television projects with Netlfix.

Despite the name, Upside Down Pictures will be making more than just Stranger Things shows and movies, and in fact it has already lined up a raft of projects the company will be working on, including a new live-action adaptation of Death Note.

Death Note First Look

If you recall, Netflix previously released a live-action Death Note movie in 2017, directed by Adam Wingard and starring Nat Wolff. The live-action film took the Japanese manga and translated it to Seattle, Washington, but kept the premise of a teenager who discovers a book that kills everyone whose name is in it.

Details of the Duffer Brother version are scarce, but it will be a live-action TV adaptation of the manga and anime. It’s probably also a completely separate series, separate from the movie.

Other projects include:

  • An original series from the creators of Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.
  • An adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s The Talisman in association with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Paramount TV.
  • A new play set in the world of Stranger Things.
  • A live-action Stranger Things spin-off series based on an original idea by The Duffer Brothers.

The new production company is headed up by Hilary Leavitt, who has worked on shows such as Orphan Black and Ozark.

While Netflix has seen some turbulent times lately, Stranger Things continues to be a bona fide hit. And while the exact return is unknown, live-action anime is something Netflix is ​​investing heavily in.

Although the company has canceled its live-action Cowboy Bebop series after one season, it is still developing a live-action One Piece, a live-action Yu Yu Hakusho, and a live-action Gundam movie.

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