People are using Instagram’s good friends feature for hookups

People are now using Instagram to arrange one-night stands, leaving users shocked.

Jac, known online as @jacquieslife, took to TikTok to shed light on this little-known way of organizing one-off affairs.

Jac, who goes out with women, posted online claiming that Instagram’s good friends feature was for your birthday brunch, but a friend said it was actually used to connect.

“I couldn’t imagine using close friends to host a booty call,” Jac told her 50,000 followers.

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“But that night I went to a concert and my boyfriend was like, ‘We need to take a selfie in front of good friends.'”

Jac said she was offended that she wasn’t posted on the public story, but then she started seeing messages from men on her boyfriend’s Instagram about meeting up after the show.

She said she’d never seen anything like it before — the belief that being on a close friend’s list is a subtle move to let people know “they’re in.”

The second time it happened, Jac’s friend posted a picture of Jac and another friend building furniture.

“I thought this wouldn’t be like the last one, my boyfriend wasn’t even into it, but right away someone messaged her, ‘wanna f’,” said Jac.

Many social media users stitched up the clip, claiming similar experiences, with a bisexual woman revealing what had happened to her.

The woman said that when she was looking for something casual after meeting a man from Bumble, he told her he loved her.

She decided to create space between them and while she was out one night, she discovered she was on his close friends list and decided to take a look.

“I thought, how nice, he still wants to be friends. I click on it – it’s naked,’ the woman said.

“This was a way for him to send me nudes without consent, so I texted him and said ‘what the f*** you know I’m not interested’.

“He replied that he knew very well who was on his list of close friends.”

One man, who identifies as gay, said the lists of close friends he was added to were a combination of thirst and mental breakdowns — a joke that sometimes both things could happen at once.

Not everyone agreed with the revelation, with some arguing that close friends are just for your friends and to post memes.

One said: “I choose my good friends based on vibes. Did you speak once? Good friends. Best? Good friends.”

Another added: “Bestie made her own hook-up app. Power to the Queen.”

One commented, “My good friends are all obscure memes and I’m embarrassing.”

Another commented: “Being Bi means both. you have to guess which one you are.”

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