Russia rains missiles on Ukraine’s nuclear power plants

A barrage of Russian missiles has forced the shutdown of six nuclear plants at a time when Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has already suffered significant damage, threatening Ukrainians with blackouts and a cold winter.

Russia stepped up attacks on Wednesday, targeting and destroying critical facilities, including energy infrastructure that has led to Ukraine’s worst blackout to date.

More than 65% of the capital Kiev was without power on Thursday morning, according to Reuters.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked the UN Security Council to take action against Russia to stop the attacks.

“Today is only one day, but we have received 70 missiles. That is the Russian formula of terror,” Zelenskiy said via video link at the New York council meeting, as reported by RFE/RLadding that Ukraine is waiting for “a very firm response” from the world.

Russia’s ambassador to the UN claimed that Ukraine’s own air defense missiles supplied by the West had crashed into critical infrastructure.

One of the nuclear power plants damaged by the new barrage of attacks was the infamous Zaporizhie Nuclear Power Plant, the largest in Europe, which Russia occupied in the early days of what Moscow calls a special military operation.

Ukraine claimed that the Russians fired on the factory, which they controlled, and the Russians responded with counter accusations of shelling, eventually leading to a visit to the factory by International Atomic Energy Agency officials (IAEA). The shelling of this plant had subsided until it resumed this week, forcing it into full blackout mode.

Russia’s ramp-up of airstrikes against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure comes after Moscow was forced to withdraw from Kherson, the only provincial capital it had managed to occupy and hold since the invasion in late February.

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