Score and latest updates from the Wimbledon quarterfinals

OTalking about Nick Kyrgios again isn’t just about serving, forehands and volleys. The Australian made it to the quarter-finals – where he takes on Chile’s Cristian Garin on Court 1 – but the focus has been more on self-aggrandizing moans and sartorial errors than the undisputed skill of the world’s number 40.

His four-set victory over Stefanos Tsitsipas in the third round resulted in accusations that Kyrgios had bullied the world number 5. Asked about the Greek player’s allegations, the Australian said he was “not sure” how he had bullied his opponent.

“He was the one who hit balls at me, he was the one who hit a spectator, he was the one who knocked him out of the stadium,” he said. “I didn’t do anything. Other than going back and forth to the referee, I didn’t do anything to Stefanos that was disrespectful.”

Cue the next match and another controversy, this time it revolves around his choice of clothing.

Kyrgios, who secured his place in the quarterfinals with a five-set win over Brandon Nakashima, took to the track in a pair of mostly red Nike Air Jordan sneakers before donning them again after the game and finishing his interview in a red cap. (The rules state that players must be decked out in “almost all white” from the moment they enter the field).

It is clear that Kyrgios, who has already been fined this tournament (he was given a £8,260 penalty after admitting to spit at a spectator who had harassed him in the first round draw against Paul Jubb, and a fine of £3,300 for swearing during the match against Tsitsipas), was given a verbal reminder about the dress code.

When asked about his non-compliance with the dress code, the Australian replied simply: “I do what I want”.

News broke yesterday that Kyrgios is facing a court date at home after an ex-girlfriend accused him of assaulting her. The All England Club gave him permission to play today but said it was in contact with his team after it emerged he is due to appear before Australian magistrates next month.

After the case became public on Tuesday, Kyrgios went to practice court as planned for his match against Garin. I’m in The Last Dance,” a reference to the Netflix documentary about the Chicago Bulls.

Coincidentally, Kyrgios currently has his own camera crew shadowing him at Wimbledon ahead of a documentary on the same streaming platform.

Stay here for all the action in what is sure to be a fascinating match as the Australian looks to reach his first Grand Slam semi-final.

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