Simcoach Games Accelerates Game Design, Immersive Learning and Metaverse Workforce Development Program

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Simcoach Games today announced a comprehensive workforce development initiative to meet internal talent requirements and market demand for online games, immersive learning and metaverse development talent. With three (3) tiers of talent, including a summer pre-internship program for emerging and recent high school graduates, an ongoing internship program for college students, and ongoing full-time, registered apprenticeships for high school graduates, these initiatives position Simcoach as a leading training resource across technologies. that are fundamental to next-generation media experiences, healthcare applications, business processes, and instructional instruction.

Building on the success of the 2021 Summer Internship program, the Simcoach workforce development initiative in 2022 added a more diverse set of participants to bring new perspectives, insights and energy for creating transformational online experiences. Working together with expertise residing in the Simcoach studio, this apprentice and intern cohort will build neurodiversity and environmental applications while developing technical, creative and business skills that are transferable to multiple applications, companies and sectors.

Simcoach Games’ Director of Operations, Julie Linnelli, commented, “We started these immersive technology apprentice and internship programs because we recognized the need for talent pipelines in our company and our community, as well as the desire of local youth for these forward-thinking and layered, -based learning experiences. We have been blown away by the sheer response and it has been truly inspiring to see these young people building technology solutions to tackle complex problems for highly engaging online experiences.”

Both students and interns are trained, coached, guided and supervised in the “Simcoach way”. This means that apprentices and interns will be Simcoach employees with assignments directly related to the Simcoach product development strategy and business objectives. Instruction is led by Simcoach’s studio staff, complete with development sprints, conceptualization and prototyping, testing and validation, presentation to executive management, and culminating in integration into the Simcoach catalog. The activities will be hands-on and team based to prepare students and interns for possible employment at Simcoach or other companies where innovation, technical sophistication and design thinking are valued.

“With these learning and internship programs, Simcoach has established itself as a leading developer of talent that enables businesses, healthcare providers, government agencies and academic institutions to keep pace with the market demand for next-generation online experiences,” said John Lucke, Simcoach Chief Growth Officer . “We invite local businesses and non-profit communities to visit our apprenticeship and internship programs to see how we are educating the future workforce to Simcoach way† Together, we can put the Pittsburgh region at the forefront of devising, developing and implementing gamified and immersive metaverse solutions that deliver innovative online experiences and competitive business benefits.”

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Since 2005, Simcoach Games has been at the forefront of creating engaging, imaginative and highly interactive virtual learning solutions. Having produced hundreds of video games with millions of downloads for leading companies, government agencies and academic institutions, Simcoach’s games and metaverse experiences facilitate active learning, drive positive behavior change and streamline training. Visit to see our games in action and how we are making a difference to our customers, partners and diverse learning communities.

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