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See you tomorrow!

And that’s it for this year’s Strictly launch show – as always thanks for joining us and kicking off this season with a glitter cannon, I’m going to read all your comments and relax in a warm bath of Strictly humor and wisdom. I’m @heidistephens on Twitter and Instagram, so come say hi.

Join us again TOMORROW at 6:45pm for the first live show – it’s a two hour and twenty minute marathon, so bring plenty of supplies. See you then!

Our Strictly lineup is complete!

So we have our fifteen couples – share your favorites in the comment box. You may want to put off winners’ predictions until after you’ve seen their first group dance – it’s a great opportunity to see who has a natural shimmy and who has concrete limbs.

Well, quite a lot to see here for a change. Jayde and Tyler both have a few moves, and Helen is one of life’s natural overachievers. Hamza and Fleur both look great, and even though Ritchie has a frame like a broken recliner, I love him. Ellie and Nikita look great, Kaye and Tony less so. Apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten – it all happened pretty quickly and I only have two eyes.

OK, I’m VERY over the Adams family thing already. Stop.

And finally… it’s Kaye and Kai!

Anyone else frantically trying to figure out which male celeb is left for Kaye? Oh of course it is kai Widdrington. They meet at Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow and Kaye is delighted. I mean, that would be you, wouldn’t it?

Kai made it to the grand final last year, but unfortunately couldn’t participate because AJ Odudu injured her leg. Kaye and Kai have a nice sound, don’t they? Okay, I’m pretty tired.

It’s Tony and Katya!

Tony is absolutely terrified and has the look of a man who came out for a pint of milk and somehow ended up on Strictly.

He is linked to Katya Jones, who came with Adam Peaty well into November last year. She says something about tackling some dancing, which I think is a football pun.

It’s Jayde and Karen!

And there’s the Adams family gag! DRINK.

Jayde goes to Brizzle to meet her dance partner. My day job is in Bristol about a five minute walk from the Clifton Observatory – I can’t believe Jayde was there Karen Hauer and I missed it.

Jayde is excited because ‘Karen IS Strictly.’ Karen has many ideas and feels that this is going to be a golden moment for her. After dragging Greg Wise across the dance floor like an outdoor furniture last year, Karen deserves a great partner.

How many couples are there? I feel like we’ve been doing this for YEARS.

And finally, we pair a Scottish TV presenter and journalist Kaye Adams, who is best known as the anchor on Loose Women. She also does a podcast called How To Be 60, which supposedly recommends rolling yourself in glitter and taking a spin around the Strictly dance floor. We all need life goals, and this is a good one.

Kaye Adams on Strictly
Kaye Adams on Strictly Photo: Ray Burmiston/PA

Next up is the football legend of Arsenal and England Tony Adams MBEwho won 66 caps for England and captained Euro 96. You may assume from this biography that I know something about football and have heard of Tony Adams, but I don’t know and I don’t.

He is strictly following in the footsteps of some great football stars such as Robbie Savage, David James and Alex Scott, so let’s see what his footwork is like in Cuban heels.

Tony Adams on Strictly
Tony Adams on Strictly Photo: Ray Burmiston/PA

Three more celebs left!

…And they all have the last name Adams, presumably so that Tess can make an “Adams Family” joke at some point.

The first is Jayde Adams, who is best known as an actor and stand-up comedian, and I also know her as a Eurovision podcaster. She’s also a West Country girl like me, which makes me wonder why we’re not best friends. I will be working on that in the coming weeks.

Jayde Adams on Strictly
Jayde Adams on Strictly Photo: Ray Burmiston/BBC

It’s John Legend!

Time for our first musical interlude of the season, courtesy of American R&B crooner John Legend. He sings his new single ‘All She Wanna Do’. He’s dressed for kung fu fights, while Luba, Kai, Michelle and Cameron treat us to some human friction.

I just looked up if Legend is John’s real last name, especially so we could discuss whether being born a legend could inspire you to actually become one. But it turns out he was born John Stephens, and now I’m deadly offended. What’s wrong with Stephens? It’s a great last name.

Though now I’m thinking about the career potential of changing my name to Heidi Legend. Has a certain gravity, no?

It’s Richie and Giovanni!

Who is paired with Ritchie will have to start figuring out his horrible attitude. He is also A LOT.

He is linked to John Pernice – Ritchie now feels that the British public is jealous of him and calls him ‘Mr Giovanni’, as if he were the local ice cream man. Giovanni looks a bit overwhelmed and I already love these two.

It’s Molly and Carlos!

Molly is very excited and I find her joy quite contagious. She works with Charles Gus, who is one of this year’s newbies. I literally know nothing about either of these two, which is why they will undoubtedly be my favorites in week 6. That’s exactly how Strictly it goes.

It’s Ellie T and Johannes!

Ellie T had Johannes at the top of her wish list for professional partners, and through the magic of Strictly her wish has been granted and she is linked to Johannes Radebe. Okay, I’m a little excited about this one.

Johannes says that meeting Ellie was already joyful, because he is the sweetest man on earth. Except Hamza.

It’s Matt and Nadiya!

Mat has entered into a partnership with Nadiya Bychkova, who was linked to Dan Walker last year and reached Week… *checks notes*…really? As far? Must be a typo.

Matt is ready to put his heart and soul into this, and I think I should add ‘talking Matt Goss in metaphor’ to the bingo. He’s a fascinating human being, but also (it whispers) the one most likely to have a colossal meltdown. There, I said it.

Time to welcome Richie Anderson, who is the guy who does the travel bulletins on BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show with Zoe Ball. He was also in Turin in May to cover the Eurovision Song Contest. I mean, me too – if this is a qualifier for Strictly, I sewed a resume out of rainbow sequins.

I believe Richie will be teaming up with a male professional dancer this year – John and Johannes were a tough act to follow last year, so let’s see what Richie is made of.

Richie Anderson on Strictly
Richie Anderson on Strictly Photo: Ray Burmiston/BBC

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