Why the Best States for Business Might Be the Worst for Employees

Companies are not afraid to pick up and move. Many states offer companies tempting incentives such as lower taxes if they relocate their operations, but a superior business environment does not always equate to a superior work environment. “Things that benefit employers when it comes to their profit or their margin, in terms of economic … Read more

Kansas put abortion rights on the ballot. The surprising outcome reverberates in the United States

Amber Hruska’s life has been a blur of sleepless nights and intense campaign days for months. The 41-year-old from Kansas estimates she has knocked on about 1,000 doors and trained dozens of volunteers to prevent abortion rights from being scrapped from the state’s constitution. Even she was surprised by the outcome of the vote, in … Read more

Evening update: national outage at Rogers affects companies and individuals

Good evening, Let’s start with today’s top stories: Outages at Rogers on Friday disrupted internet and mobile services across the country, blocking payment systems and emergency services and destroying businesses and individuals alike. Rogers Communications Inc. had not disclosed Friday afternoon what caused the nationwide outage or how many customers were affected. The list of … Read more

US President Joe Biden signs executive order to protect women’s access to abortion

US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order designed to protect millions of American women’s access to abortion in states where the procedure is still legal. Most important points: Mr Biden also spoke emotionally about a 10-year-old rape victim who was allegedly forced to travel interstate to access an abortion The executive order is … Read more

Opinion: US companies support women’s reproductive choice. Canadian companies should follow suit

People march to the US Consulate in Toronto in a protest on June 29 after the US Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v Wade abortion decision.CHRIS HELGREN/Reuters As protesters took to the streets to protest the end of nearly 50 years of federal abortion rights in the United States, outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia, Inc. … Read more

Interview with Pope Francis discusses possible trip to Moscow, response to US Supreme Court abortion decision, cancer and layoff rumors

Pope Francis has rejected reports that he plans to step down in the near future, saying he was on track to visit Canada this month and hoped to go to Moscow and Kiev as soon as possible after that. Most important points: In a 90-minute interview, Pope Francis spoke on many topics, including his health, … Read more