Live updates: Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe bid farewell at Tokyo state funeral after the July assassination

Japan honors former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated in July, with a rare state funeral in Tokyo. About 6,400 people attend the service, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his predecessors John Howard, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull. Follow Tuesday’s events in our live blog. Live updates 2m agoTue 27 Sep 2022 at … Read more

Singapore signs ‘green economy agreement’ with Australia during annual talks with leaders

The Prime Minister of Singapore will fly to Australia next month for talks with Anthony Albanese, where the pair are expected to sign a new “green economy agreement”. Most important points: It will be Lee Hsien Loong’s first meeting with Mr Albanian since Australia’s election victory He will visit Sydney and Canberra for the annual … Read more

Peter Dutton warns US recession is inevitable

Opposition leader Peter Dutton has stated that the US will enter a recession, and “this prime minister knows what is coming”. The big call comes as treasurer Jim Chalmers prepares to transfer his first budget next month, which he says will be a “bread and butter” effort to curb inflation. The opposition is warning him … Read more

Jack Charles’ obituary criticized in New York Times

The New York Times received a fierce social media reaction after tweeting an obituary of beloved Native actor Jack Charles — which began highlighting his “heroin addiction” and “predilection for burglary.” Furious fans of Charles’s work call the New York Times “shameful” for his approach to the obituary, which also described Charles as a member … Read more

Funeral Queen: Woman’s Uncomfortably Dull Handshake Goes Viral

Another particularly awkward moment at the Queen’s funeral has caused serious uproar on social media, with thousands of gamblers collectively cringing over a disapproved handshake upon arrival at Westminster Abbey. Alessandra Viggiano Marra, wife of Argentina’s ambassador to the UK, was hanged in perhaps the most public place imaginable. Television footage showed the doorman shaking … Read more

King Charles: The truth about his ‘outbursts’

Like most of the world, in the week since Queen Elizabeth passed away, I’ve seen the circus unfold with the kind of curiosity usually reserved for, well, a real circus. I was in London when the news came out, and the sentiment was strange: shock mixed with a little uncertainty, some tears, and then everyone … Read more

Holiday: Study estimates your brutal Friday sickness could cost the economy nearly $500 million

Researchers have warned that your decision to take Friday off after Thursday’s holiday could hurt the economy by nearly $500 million. The decision to place the day of mourning on Thursday presents employees with a tempting opportunity to celebrate a four-day weekend. A nationally representative survey by found that 1.7 million Australian workers (13 … Read more

Dead queen: Prince Andrew pays tribute

Prince Andrew has paid tribute to his “mummy”, the Queen, in what could well be his last statement as royal. “Dear Mama, Mother, Your Majesty, three in one,” he wrote. “Your Majesty, it was an honor and a privilege to serve you. Mother – of the nation, your dedication and personal service to our nation … Read more

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ‘uninvited’ to VIP reception at Buckingham Palace

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly “uninvited” to a state reception hosted by King Charles on Sunday. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to have received an invitation to the grand event at Buckingham Palace earlier this week. The gathering, where foreign VIPs will meet on the eve of Her Majesty’s funeral, … Read more

Queen’s Day Australia: Date of Australian public holiday to mourn Queen Elizabeth revealed

Australia will celebrate a national day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II, Anthony Albanese has announced. The Prime Minister announced the news on Sunday morning, revealing that Australia will be holding a public holiday in memory of the late Queen. WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: PM announces holiday of mourning Watch all your favorite shows on Channel … Read more