Opals falls short in dramatic semi-final defeat to China in Women’s Basketball World Cup

The Opals suffered a painful 2-point defeat to China in a thrilling semi-final of the Women’s Basketball World Cup. Most important points: Sami Whitcomb top scorer for the Opals with 15 points Steph Talbot scored 12 points and had 10 rebounds Liwei Yang scored 18 points for China and Siyu Wang had 14 points With … Read more

Jackson shines as Opals beat Belgium to set up World Cup semi-finals at home against China

Lauren Jackson has produced the best performance of her Opals comeback yet in a quarter-final defeat of 86-69 against Belgium, confirming Australia will face China in the final four of the Basketball World Cup. Most important points: Australia is through to the last four of the Basketball World Cup, along with China, Canada and the … Read more

Oil prices could be set for another sharp rise

It has been a rough few weeks in the energy market. As potential investors of energy companies, we don’t mind seeing the back of last week in particular. That’s the understatement of the year. Pretty much every negative sentiment – recession, Fed tightening, dollar strength, demand in China, inventory building or whatever amounts to the … Read more

Jim Chanos Says This Is The Biggest Investment Story No One Is Talking About

Amid all the buzz about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and efforts to curb inflation, investors are largely missing out on a huge story in China, famed short-seller Jim Chanos said on Wednesday. The problems in the Chinese real estate market are a distant third of the war and interest rate hikes designed to contain inflation. … Read more

Chinese Yuan Drops to Record Low Against the Dollar | Emerging Markets

The decline in the Chinese currency comes despite the central bank taking steps to support its value. The Chinese yuan has fallen to a record low against the US dollar in offshore trading, joining a host of currencies in sharp declines against the greenback. The offshore yuan, which trades outside mainland China, fell to 7.2386 … Read more

Gautam Adani: Asia’s richest man sees growing isolation for China

New Delhi CNN Business — Indian billionaire Gautam Adani says China will “feel increasingly isolated” and that the “main champion of globalization” would find it difficult to come out of a period of economic weakness. Speaking at a conference in Singapore on Tuesday, Adani said that “rising nationalism, supply chain risk mitigation and technological constraints,” … Read more

The Golden Age of Globalization is Over: Lawrence Wong. from Singapore

“The golden age of globalization that we have witnessed in the last 30 years since the end of the Cold War has clearly ended and we are entering a new era, a new era that will be marked by greater geopolitical struggles,” said the deputy. Prime Minister of Singapore. and Secretary of the Treasury Lawrence … Read more

Apple to manufacture high-end iPhones in India as dissatisfaction in China grows over human, economic cost without COVID

Apple to make iPhone 14s in India amid mounting criticism of the economic and human costs of Beijing’s strict COVID-zero policy. Most important points: Apple is expected to move 25 percent of iPhone production from China A prominent Chinese commentator has joined a growing number of Chinese who are questioning the COVID zero policy It … Read more

Not everyone dumps Russian energy

After months of conflict in Ukraine and an increasing move away from Russian energy by various world powers, some countries have made it clear that they are not willing to cut ties with Putin when it comes to energy. With Europe and North America turning away from Russian oil and gas, it has made Russian … Read more

Chinese and Russian warships near Alaska in the Bering Sea

A US Coast Guard vessel on a routine patrol in the Bering Sea near Alaska encountered three Chinese and four Russian naval vessels in single formation. Most important points: The ships, including a guided-missile cruiser and a destroyer, were spotted by a US patrol boat After being observed, the Russian and Chinese ships broke the … Read more