We now know what Budweiser will do with the beer it cannot sell at the World Cup

New York CNN affairs — Qatar’s last-minute decision to ban alcohol from World Cup stadiums has left Budweiser with a lot of beer. The company has an innovative solution to relieve it. Budweiser ships the unsold Buds to the country that wins the tournament, the The company reports this in a tweet. The company confirmed … Read more

If the world avoids a recession, it will be thanks to India and China

London CNN affairs — Global growth will slow further in the coming year, but thanks to Asia’s largest economies, the world is likely to avoid a recession. According to the latest forecast from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), global GDP will grow by 3.1% this year and only 2.2% in 2023. While … Read more

5 Things to Know Before November 22: Colorado Shooting, Railroad Strike, Twitter, Vote, Iran

CNN — Disney says goodbye to Bob and hello to, well…another Bob. The company ousted CEO Bob Chapek and reinstated former CEO Bob Iger. It’s quite a stir in the media. Here’s what else you need to know Get started and get on with your day. (You can get “5 Things You Need to Know … Read more

Jay Leno released from hospital after burns

CNN — Jay Leno has been released from hospital after suffering burns in a gasoline fire about nine days ago. The former “Tonight Show” host, 72, was fired Monday from the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, the Center announced in a statement, along with sharing a photo of the comedian with some members of … Read more

Shell reconsiders £25bn investment in UK energy after windfall tax break

In his speech at the annual conference of the Confederation of British Industry on Monday, the prime minister defended the autumn statement and stressed that the budget had restored confidence and stability. He acknowledged that “more needs to be done” but said the government’s decision to protect research and development spending would spur innovation and … Read more

Don’t buy a car on Black Friday

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin (Getty Images) In a recent interview, billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos warned Americans against making big purchases during the usual Black Friday shopping bonanza that takes place after Thanksgiving. Bezos has received some criticism for these comments as someone whose whole business model is built on make people spend money — not to … Read more

Largest railway union rejects contract, raising risk of crippling strike

New York CNN affairs — America faces a growing risk of a crippling national freight train strike two weeks from now after rank-and-file members of the nation’s largest railroad union, representing the industry’s conductors, rejected a tentative contract with freight railroads, the union announced Monday. The country’s second-largest railway union, which represents engineers, endorsed its … Read more

Nickelback is inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame

CNN — Nickelback’s dream of being “big rock stars” may well come true with the band’s induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. The acclaimed Canadian band will be officially inducted into the Hall of Fame in March 2023, according to a press release. The band follows singer-songwriter Deborah Cox, who was inducted in … Read more

How chains like McDonald’s and Mom and Dad deal with inflation

Customers in a McDonald’s restaurant Scott Mill | CNBC While the restaurant industry battles inflation, the large size of chains and their access to cash gives them the upper hand, but independents have their own advantages in managing higher costs. Consumers feel the pressure on their budgets and have cut back on their restaurant visits … Read more

Phil Spencer: Microsoft must crack mobile gaming market to keep growing |

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer says the company will become marginalized in the video game industry if it doesn’t improve its presence on mobile platforms. Spencer – who is the president of Microsoft’s Xbox division – insists the company needs to do more to become a go-to destination on gamers’ phones or else its clout … Read more