Here’s What Costco Says About Inflation — And An Increase In Membership Fee

Since the market is obsessed with inflation and why the Fed would step off the accelerator, it’s worth considering what some companies are saying about it. The view of Costco Wholesale, the warehouse seller known for its competitive prices, seems so good for a start. And CFO Richard Galanti’s comments on his conference call suggest … Read more

Corporate Australia just received a glowing earnings report, but the outlook isn’t quite as bright

Between the spreadsheet lines, the full-year earnings season has provided a few hints of what’s going to happen next year for business in Australia and the economy in general. The annual results of Australia’s top 200 publicly traded companies are a scorecard of how they have performed over the past 12 months and what they … Read more

The dollar will get even stronger. Why that could hurt the global economy

Even for mighty ones Microsoft , $595 million is a lot of money. That’s how much the software giant’s revenue fell in the most recent quarter due to the increasingly strong US dollar. A wide range of large-cap US companies have revised their forecasts due to a decline in repatriated profits due to the strong … Read more

A new supercycle is emerging for the economy, and these are the stocks that would benefit, says strategist

It’s been an interesting summer for financial markets – more or less, a string of mostly gloomy economic data has led traders to think the Fed will loosen the pedal a bit, although they’ve been less convinced of that view over the past week. Dario Perkins, general manager for global macro at research firm TS … Read more

10 Companies That Would Pay More Taxes Under the Inflation Reduction Act

Font size Packages ready to be shipped at an Amazon center. Thomas Samson/AFP via Getty Images Some major companies, including: Tesla and Amazon . com, are likely to face higher tax bills under the $750 billion Inflation Reduction Act, passed by the House Friday. The law was passed in the Senate on Sunday. It now … Read more

The stock market is now returning ‘a race against the clock’. And why is no one talking about this inflation-friendly bond ETF?

Morgan Stanley US equity strategist Michael Wilson sees stock returns for the remainder of 2022 as a race against time. In simple terms, the Federal Reserve must cut inflation before an economic slowdown forces corporate America to cut its earnings forecasts massively. Mr. Wilson identified three negative trends during the ongoing reporting season of the … Read more