Avatar 5 plot contains some scenes on Earth, says producer

Neytiri’s mentality is important to avatar‘s story as it continues.Image: disney If James Cameron is lucky make a fifth avatar movienot everything will happen on Pandora. On a recent press day for Avatar: the way of the water, asked io9 Cameron’s producer Jon Landau as the Earthlings who were defeated and left Pandora at the … Read more

Marvel Disney+ Daredevil Revival Confirms New Cast

Image: Disney+ If you’ve seen the casting announcements surrounding Disney+’s Marvel series Daredevil: Born again and wondering… what about Deborah Ann Woll (Karen page) and Elden Henson (Misty Nelson), which were part of the show’s original Netflix incarnation, you’re not alone. Star Charlie Cox, who attended Germany’s Comic Con Winter Edition this weekend, didn’t seem … Read more

Cooler Master’s Orb X is an immersive gaming (or work) pod

Three years and counting a global pandemic has put a strain on many people’s social lives: a problem that Cooler Master has decided to further exacerbate rather than solve, with a new multipurpose computing pod called the Orb X which allows users to further shut out distractions such as colleagues, family and friends to concentrate … Read more

Keanu Reeves on What’s to Come in John Wick’s Ballerina Spinoff

Lionsgate and Keanu Reeves’ John Wick series makes its first big leap for franchise type with two spin-offs. One will be a TV show that is focused on the Continental one served as a base for John and his surrogate father Winston (as played by Ian McShane), while the other is a film centered on … Read more

The Boys’ Spinoff Gen V Gets Its First Bloody Trailer

Image: Prime video from Amazon The boys has become such a hit with audiences that it was only inevitable that series one spinoff or two to build the franchise. While The boys: devils offered some of the mothership series’ signature violence and satire in an animated anthology format, Gen V is in live action and … Read more

Indiana Jones 5 rumors dispelled by director James Mangold

Helena (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) finds herself at the center of a silly Indy controversy.Image: Luke movie Before the trailer in front Indiana Jones5 was released, the world hardly knew anything about it. They knew who was in the cast and the release date, but until the trailer came out, 99.9% of the world didn’t even know … Read more

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Trailer: Beast Wars is here

The Beast Wars have begun.Poison: Decisive It has been almost five years ago one of the biggest movie franchises in modern history, it graced the big screen – but it’s back, and this time it’s a beast. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts comes June 9, 2023 and Paramount just released the first teaser trailer. Customize … Read more

The flu is definitely back

Image: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) The flu virus is finally back serious. Flu season activity is high in the US, and experts expect many there will be more cases and hospitalizations in the coming weeks. One bright spot is that this year’s vaccines seem to align well with current events circulating flu strainsso they should provide valuable … Read more

The best productivity, gaming and budget laptops of 2023

Photo: OlegRi (Shutterstock) As tablets are more powerful than ever, you may wonder if you even need a laptop. But for all the convenience the tablet market has to offer, laptops surpass them in power and potential. As full-fledged computers, there are all sorts of things they can do that your tablet can’t even dream … Read more