Moore’s Law ‘Alive and Well’ as Intel CEO Unveils Gaming Card Budget

Intel Corp. disagrees with Nvidia Corp. when it comes to Moore’s law, as Intel Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger unveiled a budget gaming card on Tuesday, a week after Nvidia released a series of gaming cards criticized by many as pricey. At Intel’s Innovation conference, Gelsinger Intel INTC said, -0.66% will launch its Arc A770 graphics … Read more

Here’s What Costco Says About Inflation — And An Increase In Membership Fee

Since the market is obsessed with inflation and why the Fed would step off the accelerator, it’s worth considering what some companies are saying about it. The view of Costco Wholesale, the warehouse seller known for its competitive prices, seems so good for a start. And CFO Richard Galanti’s comments on his conference call suggest … Read more

‘Moore’s Law is dead,’ says Nvidia CEO Jensen to justify gaming card price hike

Nvidia Corp. Chief Executive Jensen Huang said Wednesday he thinks it’s going to be “a pretty great Q4 for Ada,” the company’s next-generation chip architecture unveiled this week, even as critics reject a price hike amid a weakening consumer demand. Nvidia NVDA, +0.65% expects high demand for gaming chips using next-generation “Ada Lovelace” chip architecture, … Read more

The biggest Fed rate hike in 40 years? It may come next week.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and times are, arguably, increasingly desperate. Continued high inflation could force the Federal Reserve to resort to the largest hike in a major US interest rate in more than 40 years. After another dismal inflation report in the US, economists at the brokerage Nomura Securities became the first on … Read more

The dollar will get even stronger. Why that could hurt the global economy

Even for mighty ones Microsoft , $595 million is a lot of money. That’s how much the software giant’s revenue fell in the most recent quarter due to the increasingly strong US dollar. A wide range of large-cap US companies have revised their forecasts due to a decline in repatriated profits due to the strong … Read more

A new supercycle is emerging for the economy, and these are the stocks that would benefit, says strategist

It’s been an interesting summer for financial markets – more or less, a string of mostly gloomy economic data has led traders to think the Fed will loosen the pedal a bit, although they’ve been less convinced of that view over the past week. Dario Perkins, general manager for global macro at research firm TS … Read more

Polio and monkeypox outbreak show ‘heightened focus’ on viruses

More than two years of COVID-19 and people think differently about viruses. The US this month declared monkeypox a public health emergency, and people at high risk of contracting the virus — especially men who have sex with men — are lining up on city streets to to be vaccinated. An outbreak of bird flu … Read more

Hackers hijacked investor accounts to buy cannabis and gambling stocks, SEC says

Font size SEC data shows that the suspects have been active in many small stocks. Zach Gibson/Bloomberg An international group of 13 stock promoters was indicted Monday by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for carrying out a hacking scheme that allegedly took over investors’ brokerage accounts and turned the accounts into zombie-like instruments of … Read more

10 Companies That Would Pay More Taxes Under the Inflation Reduction Act

Font size Packages ready to be shipped at an Amazon center. Thomas Samson/AFP via Getty Images Some major companies, including: Tesla and Amazon . com, are likely to face higher tax bills under the $750 billion Inflation Reduction Act, passed by the House Friday. The law was passed in the Senate on Sunday. It now … Read more

Rising food prices could become a business risk, analysts say

Rising global food prices and shortages of grain and fertilizers from the war in Ukraine could lead to further economic turmoil, risk analysts say. In some countries, this could cause unrest and test the resilience of Western companies with overseas operations in the coming months, she added. “Food insecurity is one of our [company’s] The … Read more