Unemployment falls back to new low, but cause of decline is not good news

The official unemployment rate fell to 3.4 percent in July from 3.5 percent a month earlier. Most important points: Unemployment drops from 3.5 percent in June to 3.4 percent in July An estimated 40,900 jobs were lost in July, the first drop in employment since October 2021 The decline in the unemployment rate was driven … Read more

Staff shortages, rising costs put pressure on Queensland businesses as confidence plummets

Karla Way-McPhail, a company owner in Central Queensland, is looking for 80 new employees, but a nationwide shortage of staff means she struggles to find one. Most important points: A new report has found that a workforce shortage is the biggest constraint facing businesses A business owner in central Queensland says she currently has 80 … Read more

Jobs for companies in India, Australia, Singapore are in these sectors: LinkedIn

Fears of a recession may be looming in Asia Pacific, but that won’t stop companies in India, Australia and Singapore from continuing to hire, LinkedIn said. As economies reopened after the pandemic, companies in the hospitality, retail and entertainment sectors took on more staff, said Feon Ang, Asia-Pacific director at the professional networking platform. All … Read more

Canada has more than 10 Lakh job openings. Immigrants can fill open positions and apply for permanent residency

Immigrants can fill vacancies and apply for permanent residency In Canada there are more than 10 lakh vacancies. The number of vacancies has increased by over 3 lakh since May 2021. The Labor Force Survey for May 2022 points to growing labor shortages in a number of industries and increased immigration demand to Canada as … Read more

Why the Best States for Business Might Be the Worst for Employees

Companies are not afraid to pick up and move. Many states offer companies tempting incentives such as lower taxes if they relocate their operations, but a superior business environment does not always equate to a superior work environment. “Things that benefit employers when it comes to their profit or their margin, in terms of economic … Read more

These charts show why we might not be in a recession

When the US economy is in recession, someone forgot to tell the job market. The employment picture of the past six months looks nothing like an economy in a downturn, but instead creates jobs at a rapid pace of nearly 460,000 a month. Research by Steve Liesman of CNBC indicates that during a typical downturn, … Read more

The number of vacancies fell sharply in June as the labor market shows signs of slowing down

A man walks past a “We Are Hiring” sign in New York City on July 8, 2022. Angela Weiss | AFP | Getty Images Job vacancies fell in June to their lowest level since September 2021, a potential sign that a historically tight labor market is beginning to slow down. The total number of job … Read more

Market jump after Fed hike is ‘fall’, Morgan Stanley warns investors

Morgan Stanley is urging investors to resist putting their money to work in stocks, despite the market’s jump following the Fed’s decision. Mike Wilson, the company’s chief US equity strategist and chief investment officer, said he believes Wall Street’s excitement over the idea that rate hikes could slow earlier than expected is premature and problematic. … Read more