Norway raises military alert in response to war in Ukraine

Seen hiked readiness that lasts a year could be longer Norway is now Europe’s largest gas supplier Shares a border with Russia in the Arctic OSLO, Oct. 31 (Reuters) – Norway will put its military on an increased level of alertness from Tuesday, shift more personnel to operational duties and strengthen the role of a … Read more

Oil giants’ huge profits are reviving calls for windfalls

Sector lifted by higher oil and gas prices Four of the top five global oil companies have now reported US President Biden criticizes energy companies Oct 28 (Reuters) – Global energy giants including Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) and Chevron Corp (CVX.N) posted another round of massive quarterly gains, benefiting from rising natural gas and fuel … Read more

Morning Bid: Sinking Feeling | Reuters

A Day ahead of Anshuman Daga’s European and Global Markets The showman that he is, Elon Musk of Tesla, entered Twitter HQ with a sink on Wednesday, hours before a week-end deadline to complete his $44 billion purchase from the social media giant. But financial markets might do well to be wary of how far … Read more

Explainer: COVID, flu and RSV this US winter: why experts worry

Oct. 26 (Reuters) – U.S. doctors warn that a rise in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases has coincided with an increase in COVID transmission and an earlier-than-normal flu season, raising the specter of a respiratory “tripledemic” increases. illness this winter. RSV infections in young children, in particular, are reportedly filling some US hospitals to capacity. … Read more

EXCLUSIVE Sweden lists ‘concrete actions’ in letter over Turkey’s concerns over NATO bid

Sweden said it had stepped up efforts against Kurdish militants Says it will handle pending extradition requests Letter intended to demonstrate Sweden’s commitment to pledges Sweden asked to join NATO after Russian invasion of Ukraine Turkey initially vetoed, accused Sweden of harboring militants ISTANBUL, Oct. 21 (Reuters) – Sweden has taken “concrete action” to allay … Read more

EXCLUSIVE Schlumberger faces backlash from workers in Russia over design collaboration

Oct 14 (Reuters) – Some of Schlumberger’s (SLB.N) oilfield service firm, more than 9,000 Russian employees, have begun receiving military draft announcements through work, and the company is not authorizing remote employment to escape mobilization , according to people familiar with the case and internal documents. Schlumberger’s cooperation with authorities by delivering military calls and … Read more

US wants to harass Chinese chip industry with sweeping new export rules

Oct. 7 (Reuters) – The Biden administration on Friday released a sweeping series of export controls, including a measure to cut off China from certain semiconductor chips made around the world with U.S. tools, vastly increasing its reach in its bid to technological and military progress. The rules, some of which will take effect immediately, … Read more

Bangladesh plunged into darkness due to national power grid failure

Grid collapse leads to power outages in 75-80% Bangladesh Authorities work to restore power, investigate cause The government had rationed some gas because of high world prices DHAKA, Oct. 4 (Reuters) – Large parts of Bangladesh were without electricity on Tuesday after a grid outage, a government official said, adding that authorities are working to … Read more

US and Turkish officials discuss Ukraine and NATO in unannounced meeting

WASHINGTON, Oct. 2 (Reuters) – US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s chief adviser Ibrahim Kalin in Istanbul on Sunday to discuss “progress in NATO accession for Finland and Sweden.” the White House said in a statement. The two, whose meeting was unannounced to the media in advance, also discussed … Read more

Exclusive: Europe braces for mobile network blackouts

PARIS/STOCKHOLM/MILAN, Sept. 29 (Reuters) – Once unimaginable, mobile phones could go dark across Europe this winter if power outages or energy rationing disable parts of the region’s mobile networks. Russia’s decision to suspend gas supplies through Europe’s main supply route in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine has increased the risk of power shortages. … Read more