Peter Dutton warns US recession is inevitable

Opposition leader Peter Dutton has stated that the US will enter a recession, and “this prime minister knows what is coming”. The big call comes as treasurer Jim Chalmers prepares to transfer his first budget next month, which he says will be a “bread and butter” effort to curb inflation. The opposition is warning him … Read more

Dutton hits back at Marles who suggested the coalition ‘didn’t seat us well’ as Labor tackles cost of living crisis

Opposition leader Peter Dutton and Defense Secretary Richard Marles briefly clashed during a heated breakfast television debate about the Australian economy and the cost of living that continues to cripple already struggling households. The Reserve Bank of Australia has already warned that it may need to raise its interest rates two more times before the … Read more

Jobs summit underlined Australia’s labor and economic problems – and a huge challenge for Albanians and its ‘reforming’ government

The cultural cringe used to be a central part of discussions about where the nation should go. In those now much vaunted days of the 1980s, for example, the need to change our economy was argued strongly in terms of our equally vaunted national competitive spirit. Comparisons were often made with the economic performance of … Read more

Peter Dutton Says Liberals Won’t Attend Government National Job Summit

Federal Liberals have turned down an invitation to attend a national jobs summit next month, labeling it a stunt. Most important points: The opposition has ruled out any of its MPs from attending next month’s jobs summit Federal government convenes summit in hopes it will boost wages and productivity growth Peter Dutton says the summit … Read more