PS5 Spider-Man sequel recasts Harry Osborne due to actor’s age

Photo: Michael Tullberg (Getty Images) Insomnia 2018 Spider-Man was a very good open world superhero game with a large cast of villains, heroes and supporting characters such as Aunt May and Mary Jane. It also featured the voice of Peter Parker’s friend, Harry Osborn, who did not physically appear in the game, but was heard … Read more

Once again, MCU fans are caught up in a Mephisto rumor

Sacha Baron CohenPhoto: Rick Rycroft-Pool (Getty Images) Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us a Spider Man movie with all the different Spider-Mans in it and Daredevil by Charlie Cox Completely jumped off Netflix (and flipped and become addicted), it’s time for rumor-loving MCU fans to return to the bread-and-butter of their diet: … Read more

Miles Morales coming to PC later this year

It’s finally time to “Be Yourself” on PC.Image: insomnia games Rocking on the heels of Insomniac’s PC release for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered last monthits spin-off, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Moralescoming to PC later this year. Today, the PlayStation YouTube channel released a teaser trailer for Miles Morales, with the high fidelity of the graphics and beautifully … Read more

Spectacular Spider-Man First Person PC mod could make you puke

Insomniacs Spider Man is a revelation when it comes to feeling the power and agility of everyone’s favorite wall crawler as it swings through the New York City skyline. But what if you could really see the world through Spidey’s eyes as you flew through Times Square? A new mod for the pc remaster does … Read more

Kevin Feige Says Avengers Movies Are Now Closing MCU Sagas

Image: Marvel Studios The avengers The MCU’s sub-franchise occupies an odd place in the larger series. While the original 2012 movie was where that first batch of movies was building and Phase One ended, the same couldn’t be said of the sequels. 2015’s Age of Ultron released halfway through the second phase, and although the … Read more

Marvel announces new comic from Dan Slott, Mark Bagley

Imageā€  Mark Bagley/Marvel Comics Writer Dan Slott has a long, sometimes controversial history with Spider-Man. He is the man behind the story for the shattered dimensions video game, along with the architect behind the “Superior Spider-Man” arc where Peter Parker (technically) died and his body was jacked up by Doctor Octopus. When he jumped the … Read more