Woman, 24, charged with rape and torture of 12-year-old girl found dead in suitcase

A woman charged with raping and torturing a 12-year-old girl has reportedly bragged about selling the child’s body parts. Dahbia B., 24, appeared before investigating judges in Paris after being arrested in connection with the horrific death of Lola Daviet, 12. The young girl’s body was found tied up and gagged in the suitcase close … Read more

Crime: 21-year-old woman killed over dog poop

A Denver, US man has been found guilty of murder for using an AK-47 to shoot and kill a 21-year-old woman after her dog pooped outside his apartment. Michael Close, 38, had pleaded not guilty to insanity, but a jury convicted him on Thursday of the shooting after concluding that he knew what he was … Read more