Al Qaeda ‘has not restored its presence in Afghanistan,’ new US intelligence assessment shows

A summary of the intelligence assessment obtained by CNN said the intelligence community’s consensus is that while less than a dozen “core members” of al-Qaeda remain in Afghanistan — and were likely there before Kabul fell to the Taliban last year — Zawahiri was the only key figure who had attempted to resettle in the … Read more

A second US congressional delegation visits Taiwan

The new five-member delegation is visiting the self-governing island in an effort to “reaffirm the United States’ support for Taiwan” and “encourage stability and peace in the Taiwan Strait,” a Markey spokesman said in a statement. The delegation includes Democratic delegates John Garamendi, Alan Lowenthal and Don Beyer and Republican delegate Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen, … Read more

Trump’s lawyer claimed there was no classified material in Mar-a-Lago in a signed letter to the Justice Department

The attorney-signed letter raises new questions about the number of people who may have legal exposure in the ongoing investigation into the handling of classified material from Trump’s time at the White House. That inventory list contradicts the lawyer’s letter. Removing that classified information after the letter was sent could explain why prosecutors mentioned an … Read more

New Brunswick reports first confirmed case of monkeypox virus

Health officials in New Brunswick report the province’s first confirmed case of monkeypox. The infected person remains isolated and contact tracers are turned on to determine the source of the infection and notify close contacts. dr. Jennifer Russell, the county health official, released a statement late Friday advising New Brunswickers that the virus spreads through … Read more

Opinion: Good news for retirees and retirement savers – inflation can work in your favor

Retirees and those looking for a secure income got two very good news this week, although you may have heard only one. Meanwhile, your ability to earn a guaranteed return on risk-free investments, no matter what happens to inflation, has actually increased. So-called TIPS bonds, government bonds protected against inflation, fell slightly in price this … Read more

Letter obtained by CNN shows FDA defended new monkeypox vaccine strategy to vaccine maker

In a letter Friday to Bavarian Nordic CEO Paul Chaplin, two top FDA officials responded to concerns expressed by Chaplin earlier this week. They wrote that the agency recently determined that the benefits of stretching the limited supply of the two-dose Jynneos vaccine by giving individuals smaller doses outweighed the known possible risks. The decision … Read more

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland must stop playing political games

“In Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein remains keen to drive a wedge between Northern Ireland and Great Britain and push itself further and further away. “In Scotland, instead of meeting the priorities of the people, the SNPs are working on independence.” Ms Truss said she would “open new markets” for “Scotch whisky, Welsh lamb and ships … Read more

How Sri Lanka’s economic collapse is raising alarm bells for other emerging markets

In the 2010s, Sri Lanka had one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Things took a 180-degree turn at the end of the decade as the country’s economy faltered. In May 2022, the government defaulted on its debts for the first time in history. As inflation continued to spiral out of control, with a … Read more

BCGEU issues 72-hour strike announcement on behalf of 33,000 BC officials

The union, which represents about 33,000 BC Public Service Agency employees, issued a 72-hour strike notice to the government employer on Friday. The workers, which include firefighters, correctional officers, administrative staff and employees of the BC Liquor and Cannabis stores, have previously cited skyrocketing inflation and wage protection as one of their top concerns. “Our … Read more

Author Salman Rushdie on ventilator after stabbing in New York

CHAUTAUQUA, NY (AP) — Salman Rushdie, whose 1980s novel “The Satanic Verses” received death threats from Iran’s leader, was stabbed in the neck and stomach Friday by a man who stormed onto the stage as the author appeared. the point was a lecture in western New York. A bloodied Rushdie, 75, was flown to a … Read more